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Mental wellbeing portal for healthcare and humanitarian professionals

mental wellbeing portal for healthcare professionals

It is a pleasure to invite you to UEL’s Forced Migration Conference ‘Psychosocial Theory and Practice: What is the Evidence?' Hosted by the Psychology Department, the conference is a platform for forced migrants, scholars, researchers, policy makers and practitioners to promote knowledge exchange and propose alternative psychosocial practices. The conference will take place on Friday 4th September 2020, online.

Welcome to the UEL wellbeing portal for healthcare and humanitarian professionals

These are unprecedented times which affect us all.

Changes to the way we study and work, our lives and routine can be difficult or stressful. To help healthcare professionals who are struggling with their mental wellbeing, the Distance Learning MSc course Humanitarian Interventions is putting together a wellbeing portal to help professionals and members of the community in times of crisis.

We have brought together a range of internal and external resources. We hope that you will use these resources to your benefit.

Why not join in our online conversation by using #UELConnected on social media and share your social distancing story? And if you have any resources or tips you'd like to share on this portal, please get in touch by emailing us at

Scroll down to view our library of external resources below!

Mental Wellbeing Resource Library

A monthly calendar packed with daily activities to keep you and your loved ones busy during social distancing. Available for all ages.

A blog post written by communicator, strategist and writer, Alastair Campbell, about how to cope with self-isolation.

Anxiety UK is a user-led organisation, run by people with experience of living with anxiety, stress or anxiety-based depression, supported by a high-profile medical advisory panel.

Commissioned by over 120 organisations globally, we’re an online service providing access to millions with anxiety, depression and other common mental health issues.

A number of relaxation events for those working in the helping professions.

Blackbullion aim to provide effective and impactful digital financial education to students.

Business Coaching are hosting a free webinar series to help teach you how to build resilience both in and out of work.

A list of free, online boredom-buster resources. 

Free online yoga classes.

Public Health England have created a dedicated page to bring together resources to help support the public's mental health during this difficult time.

A blog post about how to cope with living back with your family. Especially after living away from home for a period of time.

The government have a dedicated page to help you make informed decisions regarding your wellbeing and mental health.

An online resource provided by the Mental Health Foundation which outlines some top tips for working from home.

Mind is a charity who provide information to support and empower people with a mental health problem.

Mind charity have developed a page full of puzzles and activities to keep your brain active.

Every Thursday at 7pm (GMT), the National Theatre are streaming an iconic play for free. 

An app developed by the National Health Service (NHS) to help you manage and maintain your mental health.

A free ebook has been written to give you tips and tricks about how to look after yourself during these uncertain times.

With the help of our students, we offer various online reflective practice group meetings to enhance mental wellbeing support for healthcare and humanitarian professionals.

You can join us for one or more of our following sessions:
  • Weekly sessions with closed groups of participants
  • Weekly drop-in for open groups
  • One-off 3-4 days of intense live workshops on resilience and wellbeing

Please take a few minutes to indicate your interest in any of the options available for online group meetings:

Indicate your interest

Thank you very much!

-The MSc Humanitarian Intervention Team


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