Why did you choose to study at UEL?
I chose UEL because the program was extremely contemporary and relevant plus the university was conveniently located and easy to access from my home

What is your one special memory of your time at UEL?
For sure the moment which will stay with me forever was the graduation ceremony, a solemn moment in my life!

What have you done since graduating from UEL?
I have worked for Burberry and opened a Savile Row company in China. I did corporate trainings all over the Asia Pacific region and recently I became a researcher and a Uni lecturer here in London!

What is your current job role? And what does it involve?
I'm currently lecturing in two universities in fashion business and I am a PhD researcher too. I spend most of my days studying, reading and preparing inspiring lessons for my beloved students!

How did UEL help you get to where you are now?
UEL was a fundamental step in my career, immediately I did not see the advantages but in a midterm, without the academic background I received here I could have not done what I did.

What advice would you give your younger self?
Surely to establish as soon as possible a network of connections and keep in touch with them. Too many times at the beginning of our career we think in an individual way, big mistake.

What advice would you give to UEL current students preparing to graduate?
I would recommend starting to think to the next step before the school actually finishes. Get your LinkedIn and CV up and running before, talk to companies, put yourself forward as soon as you can.

Tell us something about yourself that most people don’t know:
Most people think I am always wearing a suit but in my casual days I am a terrible dresser, I have mismatch socks, t-shirts inside out and I never look at myself in the mirror before leaving home

If you were to do it all again, would you still choose UEL?
Yes absolutely! I had very good memories, lasting friendships and a solid and trustworthy relationship with my lecturers, now my colleagues!