Why did you choose to study at UEL?
At the time UEL was the ONLY university in Europe offering the subject.  It was in a vibrant location with world class lecturers.

What is your one special memory of your time at UEL?
You could never say that our lectures lacked pizzazz!  One visiting lecturer - played the guitar.  Initially to the group's bemusement.  Studying "happiness" and "flow" and thus fitted perfectly.

What have you done since graduating from UEL?
Published Great Days at Work (Kogan Page), continued with coaching and consulting. Taken time off to be a mum (in my 40s)!  Recently we applied for and received Innovate UK funding for GenieBubble.

What is your current job role? And what does it involve?
Founder of 'GenieBubble' find inspiring content for children with enquiring minds.  Takes the hassle away from finding great freestuff to do with kids (4-11). Content from British organisations.

How did UEL help you get to where you are now?
Studying a Master's degree at UEL gave me academic rigour - to be able to critique pieces. The qualification demonstrated my knowledge and opened doors.  My cohort has been supportive.

What advice would you give your younger self?
Get to know everyone on the course.  Yes, you are there to study - but also the whole community is of value to each other.

What advice would you give to UEL current students preparing to graduate?
In the pandemic, (some) tools of well-being are more difficult. Reach out if you're struggling.  This is not an easy time - and now more than ever we need the support of our community.

Tell us something about yourself that most people don’t know:
I left school at 16, and one of my first jobs was working in a Builders' Merchants, and whizzing around on a fork lift truck - not a typical job for a "girl"!

If you were to do it all again, would you still choose UEL?
YES!  Quality of faculty staff, commitment of lecturers, the topic, that the topic really was applied.

Suzanne Hazelton

Suzanne Hazelton

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