Why did you choose to study at UEL?
UEL is a world leading research university and was the only UK institution offering a specialist and multidisciplinary master's degree annexing International Law and Criminal Justice.

What is your one special memory of your time at UEL?
The sociable multicultural students and gracious diverse staff presented a sense of community where everyone felt equal, included and safe.

What have you done since graduating from UEL?
I have a PhD in Law degree from Birkbeck, University of London. My PhD research pioneered the Meaning-Centred Anorexic Body. I am also the Founder of Children's Rights Advocacy Journal & Umezulike Foundation Co-Chair.

What is your current job role? And what does it involve?
I work as an Equality and Human Rights Director in a third sector organisation. I also teach Constitutional and Administrative Law, Criminal Law and Law of the Trial at the University of London.

How did UEL help you get to where you are now?
The master's degree in International Law and Criminal Justice from UEL developed my critical awareness of substantive rules and theories of criminal justice, criminal procedures and criminal evidence.

What advice would you give your younger self?
Do not overthink the process of self-development; be open-minded, adventurous but restrained. I promise you will blossom and develop the power of self-love.

What advice would you give to UEL current students preparing to graduate?
Achieving your dream will require endless sacrifices, resilience, dedication and hard work. Always have a voice and promptly speak up when your human rights, personal space or liberty are violated.

Tell us something about yourself that most people don’t know:
I am the founder of the non-profit initiative “Human Rights in Fashion”, which consciously advocates for rights-based ethical policies, including advancing equality, diversity, inclusion and sustainability in fashion.

If you were to do it all again, would you still choose UEL?
I would still choose UEL because whilst studying I developed excellent time management techniques, problem-solving and research management skills.

Dr Cynthia Umezulike

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