Why did you choose to study at UEL?
I chose to study at UEL as I was really impressed with the diversity of modules related to biomedical science. I was really impressed by how friendly the staff were and how modern the facilities were.

What is your one special memory of your time at UEL?
My special memory was receiving 92% on an essay on Flow Cytometry. I had never reached a grade that high before.

What have you done since graduating from UEL?
I am currently in my third year of Graduate Veterinary Medicine at the Royal Veterinary College (No.1 in the world!). In-between my degree at UEL and VetMed, I worked as a veterinary biochemist.

What is your current job role? And what does it involve?
My role is to diagnose and treat a range of animal species. As a vet student, I can be animal handling, practicing clinical skills like suturing, dissections and diagnostics of complex diseases.

How did UEL help you get to where you are now?
The modules I took in microbiology, biochemistry and pathology have been relevant to my work in research and as a vet. UEL really supported my research on antibiotic usage in agriculture.

What advice would you give your younger self?
If you don't get the exam results that you hoped for, it is not the end, it is just an opportunity to revaluate your study methods and improve far beyond this moment in time.

What advice would you give to UEL current students preparing to graduate?
Get as much work experience as you possibly can related to the industry you want to go in. It really makes your application for jobs stick out from others and shows you are willing to network.

Tell us something about yourself that most people don’t know:
I once saved someone's life on an EasyJet plane over France! I was coming home from time at a dog rescue in Spain!

If you were to do it all again, would you still choose UEL?
Definitely! I had an incredible amount of support during my studies and my dissertation that stretched my knowledge so much.

Rachel Tofield

Rachel Tofield

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