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UEL offers students and staff Unlimited Wi-Fi access throughout all buildings including halls of residence.

The wireless network that you should use to connect laptops, tablets and phones is ‘eduroam’.

The JANET eduroam service provides internet access not only in UEL but in academic institutions across the UK and in many countries around the world with the same UEL username and password. For information about eduroam, visit:

Note: eduroam will never show a webpage asking for your username and/or password. Do not use any network that requests this information.
  1. Select the ‘eduroam’ network in your Wi-Fi settings
  2. When first logging into eduroam, enter your UEL username in the following format:, e.g.
  3. Your password will remain unchanged. This is the same way you currently sign into your MS Office 365 account.

Please note: whenever you change your password, you will also be required to change it on your personal device as well.

If you set up your device to connect here at UEL, it will automatically connect you whenever you are in an area served by eduroam.

Please remember that visitors to any participating institution must abide by the local IT regulations.
Downloading or sharing copyright material, or accessing inappropriate material, will lead to the loss of computing privileges and possible disciplinary action. If you want to read more about IT related policies about accessing UEL IT services, please visit our Information Security Policy.