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Windows 10

IT Services are pleased to announce the release of Windows 10 at UEL and you can upgrade today from Software Center! We hope you are excited to upgrade and look forward to exploring some of the great new features like the next generation OneDrive (setup automatically when you first login), the all new super fast Edge browser, outstanding accessibility features and the customisable Windows start menu just to name a few.

Windows 10 is the latest operating system from Microsoft.
Microsoft have announced that they will stop support for Windows 7 in January 2020 which means that they will no longer provide vital security updates or bug/feature patches for it.

As Windows 7 is still the main operating system used at UEL, we need to upgrade all our Windows 7 computers to Windows 10 before 2020. We will be doing this with a phased rollout up until that point.

As well as reducing the risk to the University if we were to keep using older operating systems, this upgrade provides the opportunity for UEL to improve the user experience and to reduce some of the costs of running multiple operating systems.

The upgrade will take between 1-2 hrs to complete and during this process your device will be unusable. If you need to continue working it's fine to use another device. Your device will be completely wiped, any files saved locally (in your C: drive) and manually installed applications (including Software Center apps) will be removed as part of the upgrade.

We recommend you move your important data to OneDrive – please contact the IT Service Desk if you need help setting this up.

Laptop users: If you have a UEL-managed laptop and are about to upgrade to Windows 10, you MUST perform an extra check, please click here for more information. If in any doubt, please contact the IT Service Desk. You MUST also ensure you connect the charger and have a direct wired network connection (take the network cable out of any docking station and connect directly to your laptop). The upgrade will fail if both conditions are not met. Please see 'How to start the upgrade' guide below for more information

Step 1: Save and close your documents then restart your device

Step 2: Open Software Center from your desktop

Step 3:  Click on 'Operating Systems

Step 4: Select 'Windows 10'

Step 5: Again, click on 'Install'

Step 6: You should now see the Windows 10 'Installing' status

and that's it! Your device should upgrade to Windows 10 within 1-2 hours.

Please note: You may be required to press F12 on your keyboard around 10 minutes into the process if prompted. You may also see multiple restarts but please wait until you see the Windows logon screen before using the device.

If for any reason you have difficulties performing any of the upgrades steps or you run into any issues or upgrade problems, please contact the IT Service Desk.

Please feedback your Windows 10 upgrade experience, feedback and suggestions to