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Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) for new students

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Before you've enrolled

We will send you an email inviting you to enrol with us. The first thing you'll need to do is log in and change your password and after that you can complete enrolment.

It's best to watch our video BEFORE you start. It shows you How to Log in for the First Time 

After you have changed your password you can choose to either 'skip' setting up further security and come back to it later OR set up further security straightaway.

To see an overview of what to expect visit our summary of starting to enrol page 


After you've enrolled 

After you have enrolled, you will need to set up something called Multi Factor Authentication (MFA). If you have enrolled, and if not already done so, you must now set up MFA. You can follow the steps on this page or watch our video  'After you have Enrolled' which shows you how to do this

We recommend you use a desktop computer or a laptop to do this. Have your mobile phone to hand, as you will need this too

If you are an international student, check if your mobile phone will work once you arrive in the UK. We encourage you to download the Authenticator app as this will work as your security method, even if your mobile phone doesn't work when you're here

If you get stuck, please contact our Service desk or call us Mon - Fri 08.30am - 17.00pm on 020 8223 2468

Setting up your first Multi Factor Authentication verification method (MFA)

Remember to use a desktop/laptop computer. Have your mobile phone to hand as well as you’ll need it shortly.

     Go to Track my Future and log in with your UEL details (example account below)

    Step 1

    -You will then see another pop-up window that looks a bit like this

    Click next 

    Step 2

    You will then see another pop-up window that looks a bit like this. Leave this screen open and before you click ‘next’, use your mobile phone to download the ‘Microsoft Authenticator’ app from the relevant app store. Have this to hand and then, choose the app method and click next

    Step 3

    Now use your mobile phone go to the App store and download and install the Microsoft Authenticator app

    Step 4

    press SKIP

    Step 5

    You will see this screen, go to ‘Add account’

    Step 6

    Choose the option that says: ‘work or school account’

    Step 7

    Click next 

    Step 8

    The Microsoft Authenticator app may try to access your camera so click ‘ok’ to grant access.

    This is an example of how it might look on your iPhone, but the process will be the same on an Android device

    Scan the QR code using your mobile phone in the ‘Microsoft Authenticator’ app.

    You will see something like this example QR code below.

    This is a sample QR code – do not scan this one shown.

    If you can’t do this because you are setting up a method with no access to a desktop or laptop computer, then you can copy and paste the code and url underneath the QR Code into where it says ‘enter manually’. You’ll need to flip between your app and the log in screen to do this.

    Step 9

    You will receive a notification from the app on your mobile phone to confirm this process is set up, it will show as a ‘Success’ message.

    Please do not delete this app.

    Now please continue to create the second MFA method.

    Step 10

    Setting up your second Multi Factor Authentication verification method (MFA)

    We recommend you set up two methods. This gives you an extra layer of security. If you are an International student, it’s especially important to have one of the methods as either the Authenticator app or email, just in case you have trouble with your mobile phone in the UK.


      You will be presented with a screen that looks like this:

      Step 1

      Choose additional method that you haven’t already set up.

      For example, if you choose phone it will look like this:

      (Remember you need to have a phone signal to set this up and use this method).

      Step 2

      Enter your mobile number and we will text you a 6-digit code and click next

      Step 3

      You will see another success message

      Final step

      Once you see the ‘Success’ message you’ve finished!

      You have now set up security to access your UEL account and can log in again to Track My Future and access your UEL account.

      Step 4

      The steps listed on this page are also available to view and download in pdf format.

      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

      If you want to enrol from outside of the UK you need to log in and change your password first. Instructions will have been sent to your personal email. After you have changed your password you can choose to set up security. We suggest you choose the Authenticator app method. Follow the instructions in this video Logging in for the First Time  

      You can choose to set this up after you have enrolled, if you prefer.

      You can add a new type of authentication, or update your details by visiting the security page 
      If you have logged in for the first time and changed your password you now need to complete your enrolment. If you go to Track my Future and you see a window asking you to 'keep your account secure' or 'start by getting the app' then you can click 'next' and 'skip' and you will get redirected to the Track my Future landing page. Here you can start to enrol.
      Please do not delete the Authenticator app, unless you have already registered other methods of MFA. You will need it to login to your UEL account.

      If you have kept the same mobile number, then you can still receive texts and calls and you should be able to sign in first to the MFA service. As part of that log in process you can choose to sign in another way on one of the pop up screens.

      We recommend you delete the record that shows your original Authenticator method as that will be linked to your old mobile phone. We recommend you then add the Authenticator app method again using the blue + sign and download the Authenticator app on your new mobile phone. 

      This is a 6 digit number that is auto generated by the Authenticator app. Once you have downloaded the app you can open it, find the code and type it into the log in screen to allow you to use the UEL systems. Our video called Logging in for the First Time shows you how to do this.

      You will only use a one time passcode if you have chosen this authentication method to be your default one. We do encourage you to use this method.

      We suggest you register a second method of security. You may also choose to register to receive a text message, a landline number or a tablet too.  


      If you are able to, sign into MFA so you can update or change your phone number. Remember to save your new details.

      If you can’t log in at all, you will need to contact our Service Desk team on 020 8223 2468  Monday – Friday between 08.30 and 17.00.

      We do recommend you register more than one device. You can register the Authenticator app on multiple devices, such as a tablet or spare mobile phone. The tablet does not need a SIM or data connection. You can manually enter the code displayed on the app's screen when you log in.

      The different methods are: Authenticator app, text, landline and an extra device.

      We recommend using the Authenticator App. You will choose one of these methods as your default, but we recommend you set up two methods to ensure your account is secure and can be recovered in more than one way.

      When you register using the Authenticator app, a QR code is displayed on the screen. You'll need to scan this using your mobile phone.

      Watch our video Logging in for the First Time or follow the instructions above. 

      If you are only using your mobile phone, you'll need to copy and paste the url and code that shows underneath the QR code because you can't scan it if you are already using your mobile

      You will find the QR code as you go through the process of setting up the security process. The QR code is automatically generated by Microsoft.

      If you are logging in for the first time and plan to enrol then follow the above process higher up on this web page or watch our video.

      If you want to amend or change what you have already set up, then you can log back in and amend your details.

      We cannot see or change your security information as it is private to you.

      If you are unable to use the MFA service at all, please contact our Service Desk team on 020 8223 2468 Monday - Friday between 08.30 and 17.00.

      You can sign up for our Password Reset service. Then, if you forget or lose your password, you are able to reset it yourself.