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We handle all financial matters and ensure the business aspect of the University works smoothly and efficiently. Through financial planning and budgeting we help make sure that UEL has the financial resources in place to invest in the future and to deliver our Corporate Plan.

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    How to pay UEL

    This online payment system is provided by the University of East London (University) and its third party suppliers. These terms and conditions may be updated at various times and any changes will be effective immediately. Please see further details on how to pay UEL.

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    How to pay UEL

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    The Income & Credit control team

    The Income & Credit Control team comprises of the Head of Income and Credit Control, Assistant Credit Control Manager and nine Income Officers. The team is responsible for the collection of all monies owed to the University.

    The Income and Credit Control Officers are available to provide advice on fee payment, the Fees Policy and other related matters, in person and over the phone.

    Students who pay their own fees (or whose family pay their fees)
    Please refer to the Fees Policy for details of the payment options, how and when to pay your tuition fees. You may be eligible for a discount if you pay your fees early.
    If you have difficulty paying your fees at any time, you should contact the Income & Credit Control team immediately to discuss your situation and the payment options available to you.

    Face to face Services
    These sessions are run at the following locations/time in the Income & Credit Control office EB.G.09 (EBG09, next to Starbucks). 

    Opening times

    Please visit the HUB enquiry desk and ask to meet with a member of the Income & Credit Control team.


       Morning Afternoon 
     Monday  9am to 11.30am  1pm to 4.30pm
     Tuesday  No Service  No Service
     Wednesday  9am to 11.30am  1pm to 4.30pm
     Thursday  No Service  No Service
     Friday  9am to 11:30am  1pm to 4:30pm

    There will be no drop-in service run at Stratford but the following drop-in services will run at Docklands in Income & Credit Control office (E.B.G09, next to Starbucks)


       Morning Afternoon 
     Monday  9am to 11.30am  1pm to 4.30pm
     Tuesday   9am to 11.30am 1pm to 4:30pm
     Wednesday  9am to 11.30am  1pm to 4.30pm
     Thursday  9am to 11.30am 1pm to 4:30pm
     Friday  9am to 11:30am  1pm to 4:30pm


    At certain times of the year (such as pre & post enrolment) the ‘drop-in service’ is in high demand. During these times you may be asked to wait until a Income Officer is available, so please allow yourself enough time in case this is necessary. During enrolment periods the Income & Credit Control team are based in the enrolment centre and the ‘drop in service’ does not run.

    Please visit the Stratford HUB enquiry desk and ask to meet with a member of the Income & credit control team. 


       Morning    Afternoon 
     Tuesday  9am to 11:30am    1pm to 4:30pm
    Thursday  9am to 11:30am    1pm to 4:30pm

    How to pay UEL

    E-mail contact

    If you prefer to, you can contact us by e-mail. Our e-mail address is we can either reply by e-mail or give you a call, if you prefer. Please state your student number or customer account number on your correspondence.

    Telephone contact 
    You can also give us a call on the following number: +44 (0) 20 8223 7333  (lines open: Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm)