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Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT)

The Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching provides a variety of development opportunities for staff, and promotes innovative approaches to teaching and learning across the university.

What we do

  • Provide new and experienced staff with innovative approaches to teaching and learning.

  • Develop the use of Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) activities across all Colleges.

  • Lead and contribute to research on teaching and learning.

  • Deliver research-informed approaches to staff development and evaluate their effectiveness.

  • Enable staff to deliver outstanding teaching that supports a diverse student body achieve their goals.

  • Promote UEL’s AdvanceHE (formerly HEA) accredited Professional Standards Framework (PSF) and a continuous professional development framework for Teaching Excellence.

  • Create a space to share expertise in learning and teaching excellence across UEL.

  • Recognise individuals and/or teams who show significant contribution to good academic practice.

Staff development

CELT aims to nurture high quality teaching across UEL.

We offer all staff a range of support services; from resources and examples of good practice to practical How-to guides. We also run staff development workshops on a variety of topics - there are regularly scheduled sessions as well as on-demand sessions that can be booked for teams to attend. To find out more visit the CELT staff development portal (Moodle).

Academic Staff Induction
Once you have joined UEL, you will be asked to complete a short online induction course, with a number of self-study components and watch video tutorials that can found by following this link to the Staff Induction module on Moodle, the university's virtual learning environment. 

The self study material will provide specific information and guidance on academic related matters, such as understanding the requirements of the Academic and Quality Framework, the Assessment Cycle and ensure you know where to seek further information and guidance replace with “There is also a self-paced Academic Induction Module The online Academic Induction module is designed to provide you with the key information to enable you hit the ground running."

If you would like any further information on academic staff induction please contact

We also offer Module Consultations on to new and existing staff on any teaching issue, large or small.

If you would like any further information on module consultations please contact Learning and Teaching Advice (

The AdvanceHE CPD Route scheme called Crafting Reflective Educators for Student-centred Teaching (CREST) enables new and existing academic and professional services staff to gain national recognition of your commitment to professionalism in teaching and supporting learning in higher education through the Higher Education Academy (HEA).

Full dates and details of how to apply are on the CREST Pages of the CELT Staff Dev Hub 

All enquiries should be directed to the Learning and Teaching Advice (
We organise jointed with the UEL Students’ Union to recognise academic and professional services. Any member of staff who you feel has made a real difference to your learning at UEL can be nominated:
  • Who brings your subject to life?
  • Whose teaching always makes you want to learn more?
  • Who listens when you need to ask that ‘obvious’ question?
  • Who makes you feel valued as a learner?
  • Who gave you that really helpful feedback that helped you to move on?
  • Who helps to keep your project or dissertation on track?

UEL offers a range of fellowship schemes in addition to HEA fellowship.

UEL Teaching Fellowship Scheme

2021-2022 information coming soon.  Please check back for updates.

Our Teaching Fellowship Scheme will reward an exceptional contribution made to student learning by both colleagues in Academic Schools and those from Services. Reward in the areas of research and knowledge transfer is based on a peer review of published work or business outcome and it is appropriate to have equal status for performance in another of our University’s key activities – that of teaching and facilitating learning.

Please note: the UEL TF scheme is open to all colleagues who: hold a full time or part time employment contract with UEL; have worked at UEL for a minimum of one year's duration and are Higher Education Academy Fellows.

  • Dr Stephanie Sandland - Senior Lecturer, School of Business and Law
  • Professor Jean Murray - Professor of Education, Cass School of Education and Communities
  • Professor Molly Andrews - Professor of Sociology, and Co-director of the Centre for Narrative Research, School of Social Sciences
  • Dr Warren Kidd - Senior Lecturer (Post Compulsory Education and Training), Cass School of Education and Communities
  • Mr Ian Wells - Lecturer, School of Psychology
  • Professor Gerry Czerniawski - Professor of Education and Research Degrees, Cass School of Education & Communities
  • Dr Stephen Maddison - Director of Research and Head of Cultural Studies and Creative Industries, School of Arts & Digital Industries

AdvanceHE (formerly HEA) National Teaching Fellowship

This scheme is run by the AdvanceHE (formerly Higher Education Academy) and recognises and rewards individual excellence in teaching in higher education. It is open to all staff involved in supporting the student learning experience in higher education in England and Northern Ireland.

In 2020, we had 2 National Teaching Fellowship winners – Michael Cole and Earle Abrahamson.

For more information on the NTFS or CATE, see the Best Practices area on the CELT Staff Dev Hub.

We run a workshop programme for all staff that is aligned to the academic strategy of the university and to the AdvanceHE UK Professional Standards Framework, so that staff can use attendance in workshops as evidence for application to our AdvanceHE UKPSF scheme, CREST.  If you'd like to attend a workshop, see our 2018-2019 Workshop Programme. We are also able to organise a bespoke session based on your needs, just email

We also encourage staff to work with us on curriculum development projects. These are longer pieces of work, that solve a learning and teaching problem. If you'd like to work with us on a project, fill out our quick online form.

Connect with us

Who we are

  • General enquiries: To get in touch with anyone in the team, email us via Learning Teaching Advice at
  • Head of the Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching:
  • CREST Course Manager:
    Tracy Part
  • Academic Developers:
    Sima Heer, Tracy Part, Gabriella Buttarazzi and Melisa Rinaldi
  • Administrator and CREST (PSF) Servicing Officer:
    Fouzia Sakouti
  • Learning Technology Team:
    Kevin Pike, Jonathan Tulloch and Christina Perouli (Learning Technology Advisers).

Where we are

CELT Offices
University of East London,
Docklands Campus,
DL 4.04, DL 4.08, DL 4.11.

CELT Training Suite
University of East London,
Docklands Campus,
WB 2.02.

Docklands Campus
University of East London
4-6 University Way
E16 2RD

Stratford Campus
University of East London