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Replacement Certificates

Replacement Certificates

Only one hard copy of your certificate can be in existence at any one time, and a replacement can only be issued if you have lost or damaged your certificate (certificates dated November 1992 to present day). There is a charge for this service of £30 (per certificate requested). All documents are produced on the current University certificate template.

The form to complete to request your replacement can be found here [insert link to DL form]

All completed and signed forms must be submitted along with the required forms of identification via email to (insertemail@address). You will then be provided with a payment link once we have verified we are able to fulfil your request.

Please note we are not able to issue certificates for North East London Polytechnic or East London Polytechnic that were awarded prior to November 1992. Awards issued prior to this date were from the Council for National Academic Awards (CNAA) who may be able to issue you a pro-forma verification document. Information about their service can be found at this link [insert hyperlink:]

Replacement Diploma Supplements

All requests for Diploma Supplements should be referred to The Hub [insert hyperlink to contact details]

Please note there is a charge per transcript of ££

Please note there is limited records of module results prior to 1998. Please contact the Hub in the first instance