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Never not pushing forward


We have a long history of forward-thinking innovation, industry collaboration, career-focused education and research that addresses problems for people and planet.

Our story starts in 1898. Since then, we’ve survived wars, celebrated momentous sporting events and watched the city evolve. Now we’re in the digital age facing new challenges. We are a pioneering, future-focused institution and always have been.

Only for a fire to break out a year later and burn down most of the institute.

The phoenix is part of our logo and coat of arms because, just like the mythical bird, UEL was reborn from the ashes.

The campus is evacuated and is used as a military training base.

The London Docklands Corporation is set up to transform derelict industrial areas.

The University of East London is born.

London’s first new university campus for over 50 years.

Team USA base themselves at UEL’s new SportsDock, Michelle Obama visits us and UEL student Gemma Gibbons wins Olympic judo silver.

We were first in the UK for impact for psychology research – ahead of both Oxford and Cambridge Universities (REF, 2014).

Four UEL architecture lecturers nominated for the Turner Prize.

We built a unique programme into all our courses to help prepare for careers of the future.

The careers-led university

Today’s world is changing constantly. Tomorrow’s problems are unknown. Society depends on experts for answers. At the University of East London, everything we do is geared towards preparing for an unpredictable future. Our students learn to adapt, lead and make an impact and we pride ourselves on being truly open to all. So, whoever you are, wherever you’re from, we’ll make sure you’re fit for the future too.

We teach a wide range of subjects that reflect our diverse expertise and career-focused education.

Fit for the future

All of our subjects are connected to ‘career zones’. These focus on different areas of growth, from AI and technology to health and justice. We’re constantly updating our courses for a world where technology dominates and industries move faster than ever before. Whatever our students study, we’ll help them develop a set of skills fit for careers of the future.

We work with industry

As a careers-led university, we collaborate closely with industry partners in a wide range of sectors to deliver practical education and innovative solutions to 21st century problems. Our relationships with external partners give our students access to placements and careers, our academics the chance to collaborate with industry minds, and the university as a whole the opportunity to adapt and innovate.

For example, we’ve recently launched a major partnership with AWS to give all out students free access to cloud-computing skills.




At the University of East London, we’ve almost doubled our output of ‘world-leading’ research since the last Research Excellence Framework (2014). If you want to make a difference through academia, join our community of inspiring researchers and we’ll support you every step of the way.

Research is powerful. It helps us make sense of the world around us, improve society and prepare for an unpredictable future. While we spend lots of our time developing students’ career skills, we want to influence and impact industry too. As a community, our researchers are tackling global challenges.

Our focus is careers. But we recognise the power of research too. We’re looking into an array of areas, from analysing crime data to protecting communities from tsunamis.