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Access and Participation plan

What are the plans?

Our Access and Participation Plan sets out how the University of East London (UEL) continues to improve the equality of opportunities for underrepresented groups to participate, succeed and progress in and from higher education.

We have consulted widely with stakeholders to ensure that UEL students benefit from their journey and experience while at the University. 

Our ambition is to support and encourage a broader spectrum of students into higher education as well as to develop their skills, knowledge and social capital so they can access graduate employment and fulfil their life-goals. We are taking part in a number of initiatives to ensure these happen. We are also proactively taking steps to identify those students who need our help the most. 

The plan applies to all students who will commence their study with us in 2019/20 academic year. 

View the full Access and Participation Plan.

You can also view our 2020-2025 Access and Participation Plan.