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Dr Trishna Patel

Academic Tutor

Department of Professional Psychology , School of Psychology

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Publicly available research outputs are available to download from UEL's Research Open Access Repository (ROAR). 

Peer-reviewed Journal Articles

  • Patel, T., Mansell, W., & Veale, D. (2015). The Cognitive Behavioural Processes Questionnaire: a preliminary analysis within student, mixed clinical and community samples and the identification of a core transdiagnostic process. Cognitive Therapy and Research, 39(2), 193–203. doi:10.1007/s10608-014-9641-9
  • Gould, C., & Patel, T. (2013). Delivering race equality: is access to a psychology service in a community mental health team equitable across clients from different ethnic backgrounds? Clinical Psychology Forum, 247, 33–38.
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  • Brewin, C.R., & Patel, T. (2010). Auditory pseudohallucinations in United Kingdom war veterans and civilians with posttraumatic stress disorder. Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, 71(4), 419–425. doi:10.4088/JCP.09m05469blu
  • Brewin, C.R., Wheatley, J., Patel, T., Fearon, P., Hackmann, A., Wells, A., … Myers, S. (2009). Imagery rescripting as a brief stand-alone treatment for depressed patients with intrusive memories. Behaviour Research and Therapy, 47(7), 569-576. doi:10.1016/j.brat.2009.03.008
  • Wells, A., Fisher, P., Myers, S., Wheatley, J., Patel, T., & Brewin, C.R. (2009). Metacognitive therapy in recurrent and persistent depression: a multiple-baseline study of a new treatment. Cognitive Therapy and Research, 33(3), 291–300. doi:10.1007/s10608-007-9178-2
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