Dr Stephanie Sandland

Dr. Stephanie Sandland

Senior Lecturer

Department of Strategy and Leadership , Royal Docks School of Business and Law

Stephanie has held a number of roles including Lead Personal Tutor and Leader in Teaching and Learning and she retains a keen interest in both activities.  She is also a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, a Member of the Chartered Management Institute and a certified Microsoft Innovative Educator.

Areas Of Interest

  • Teaching and Learning, especially in relation to technology and  learning difficulties such as dyslexia
  • Sustainability and environmental management
  • Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility
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Since joining UEL in 1999, Stephanie has completed her Post Graduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning and has been awarded a UEL Teaching Fellowship for excellence in Learning, Teaching and Assessment based on her work in developing electronic learning materials. She is also a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, a Member of the Chartered Management Institute and a certified Microsoft Innovative Educator.
Stephanie has held a number of roles including Lead Personal Tutor and Leader in Teaching and Learning and she retains a keen interest in both activities. She has been programme leader for the a variety of programmes and now concentrates on her role as link tutor supporting our partner institutions both in this country and overseas. Her key research interests are in the student experience as well as her specialist subject areas which are environmental management and Corporate Social Responsibility. Stephanie's core teaching areas are in business strategy, operations, entrepreneurship and corporate social responsibility as well as the development of study skills.
Stephanie has participated on a wide range of consultative committees within the university involving activities including the instigation of UEL Plus and the University's provision for disabled students.


Stephanie's research interests are in the area of sustainability and the impact of culture on associated behaviours, which was the focus of her PhD.  She has also conducted research in education and is particularly interested in the development of skills and the impact of disability.

In 2012 Stephanie contributed to a project financed by H2020 in which she examined best practice in European capital cities in their attempts to develop sustainable practices. To complete her part of this project Stephanie developed a tool that will eventually be offered to all local authorities that will assist their selection of appropriate approaches.


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In 2017, in collaboration with universities and NGOs in 5 other countries, Stephanie successfully completed the management of an Erasmus+ funded project which involved the development of a platform to support the education of social entrepreneurship across Europe.


In her years at UEL, Stephanie has taught a wide range of subjects within the subject area of Strategy and Operations. These include Transport, Logistics, and Operations Management, Entrepreneurship and Strategy, both at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

In addition to these core subject areas, Stephanie specialises in subjects relating to corporate social responsibility, including ethics and environmental sustainability.

For many years, Stephanie was also heavily involved in teaching study skills, including IT and statistics, and has developed a wide range of online learning modules.  One of these was developed further to become UEL's academic integrity Moodle sites. It was her work in this respect that was the basis of her earning the award of UEL Teaching Fellow.
Stephanie has a keen interest in ensuring her teaching satisfies a wide range of learning styles and tries to incorporate variety and challenges to stimulate an interest in the subject of study.