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Sonke Prigge

Senior Lecturer

Programme Leader in Music Performance & Production

, School of Arts and Creative Industries

Since 2015 Sönke Prigge has been a lecturer in Music Production and Sound Design & Manipulation at the University of East London. 

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Sönke is a multi-instrumentalist, with roots in classical piano and keyboards. He's been producing music for various labels and has composed music for film & TV. 
Since the mid-1908's Sönke played in Bands and he's started to work in recording studios in the early 1990s. 
Originally from Germany he moved to London in 1995 and started to produce EDM which landed recording contracts with a variety of independent labels in the late 90s and early 2000s.
He’s worked for the BBC during the 2000’s and has written and composed music for TV shows such as "Blue Peter" and "News-round". In 2006 he has composed the soundtrack for the BAFTA award winning program "The wrong trainers".
Alongside his program leader role for this course at UEL, Sönke continues to produce and compose music for his musical project, as well as for film and TV.



  • The Performing Rights Society
  • Phonographic Performance Lt
  • The Musicians Union


  • Music and the Atlantic slave trade
  • AI in music


  • Von Königreich ins Königreich: 20 Jahre London oder: Von einem, der es nicht geschafft hat - an autobiography / German / kindle edition publication date: 04/2020


BA (Hons) Music Performance and Production

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  • L4 - Producing an EPK
  • L4 - Music Production (recording, mixing, mastering)
  • L5 - Music and sound for media
  • L5 - Music and sound for film
  • L6 - Final Project development
  • L6 - Final Project implementation