Roussel de Carvalho

Dr. Roussel De Carvalho

Senior Lecturer

Department of Teacher Education , School of Education and Communities

Director of Education and Student Experience; Senior Lecturer in Teacher Education

Areas Of Interest

  • Teacher Education & Science Education; Teacher Selection
  • Nutrition and Education; Superdiversity in Education
On This Page


I'm a former Head of Physics (11 years as a classroom teacher) and I moved into Initial Teacher Education in 2012 at London Metropolitan University. I then joined the Institute of Education (IOE) as a Lecturer in Science Education and the Physics and Physics with Maths course leader in Sept. 2013. I was the Science PGCE Course Leader at UCL Institute of Education until August 2016. I completed my PhD in 2018.
I am currently the Director of Education and Student Experience for the School of Education and Communities.


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Programme Leader for MA Education