Rebecca Crutchley

Ms Rebecca Crutchley

Senior Lecturer

Early Childhood Studies

Department of Early Childhood & Education , School of Education and Communities

I am the Programme Leader for the Early Childhood and Special Education programme.

Areas Of Interest

My key areas of interest are children's social contexts, agency, rights and participation, children with additional needs, parental partnerships, international perspectives on early childhood education and children's resilience. Refugees/Forced Migrant Communities and Resilience (Socio-cultural Perspectives).

On This Page


I have been at UEL since September 2013. Prior to this I taught on the Early Childhood and Primary Education courses at the University of Cumbria (Tower Hamlets Campus).

Most of my professional career has been based in the field of primary, early childhood and special education, where I have worked as a primary school teacher, early years teacher, Deputy Head, SENCO, and early years consultant.

I have worked mainly in inner London local authorities, although my teaching career started overseas in Moscow, where I was based for three years, and Australia. 


My doctoral study (ongoing) explores the relationship between resilience and social agency in the lives of children from forced migrant communities. 

An exploration of children's emergent scientific thinking. 


Special Needs in the Early Years: Partnership and Participation.

Crutchley, R.. 2018. London: Sage Publications .



  • Children in their Social Context
  • Developing Learning in Early Childhood
  • Academic Reading and Writing
  • Children with Additional Needs in the Early Years
  • Emergent Literacies in the Early Years
  • Early Childhood 
  • Special Education  
  • Marginalised Communities


  • BA in Early Childhood and Special Needs
  • BA in Early Childhood Studies