Pooja Pottenkulam

Pooja Pottenkulam

Senior Lecturer

Animation and Illustration, Art and Design

Department of Media, Fashion & Communications , School of Arts and Creative Industries

Pooja Pottenkulam is an animation filmmaker and illustrator, whose films have been broadcast on MTV, Channel 4 and Nickelodeon and various international film festivals. She is a regular illustrator for Scholastic and has illustrated over 40 books.

Areas Of Interest

  • Art and Design
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Pooja Pottenkulam is a Lecturer in Animation and Illustration at the University of East London.

Her training in Animation includes a first degree from the National Institute of Design in India and an MA in Animation from the Royal College of Art, London. She is a practicing animation filmmaker, whose films have been screened in various animation festivals internationally. She also illustrates children's books for Scholastic on a regular basis and has illustrated over 40 books.

While she maintains a practice as an independent animation filmmaker and illustrator, she also continues with research work within animation pedagogy.

Her work can be viewed here:


Her research has two strands; Her practice as an animation filmmaker and illustrator, and writing-based research on Animation Pedagogy, that stems from her role as full-time animation academic.

Practice as an animation filmmaker and illustrator

Her independent animation filmmaking practice can be defined by the choice of content and narratives that she tends towards, about relationships and situations recounted through traditional narratives and hand-crafted animation techniques. Her filmography includes six short films that have all been screened internationally at film festivals and on television.

Research practice

The main subject area within her written research is the relevance of self-expression in Animation filmmaking and ways and methods of teaching this (Pottenkulam, 2013). The ways and methods examined are examples that are tried and tested within her teaching practice.


Module coordinator for:

AD 4600- Studio Practice 1: This module takes students through the pre-production process for animation through a series of project-based components that include Writing, Character Design, Sound Design and Editing for Animation.

AD 5540- Professional Practice 1: This Module Aims to provide insight and hands on experience of professional practice within a creative environment. AD5540 works in conjunction with AD5600. The quality of documentation and presentation skills and final file formats of work submitted for AD5600 would be assessed as part of this module.

AD 5600- Studio Practice 2: Putting into practice learning gained from their first year, students make short one-minute films. While the project briefs vary from year to year, depending on available opportunities, the emphasis of this module is to help students gain an understanding of the professional context of their animation work.