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Dr Paulet Brown-Wilsher

Senior Lecturer

Subject Lead, Early Childhood and Education

Department of Early Childhood & Education , School of Education and Communities

Areas Of Interest

Paulet's main interests include project evaluative studies and literacy learning among 'at risk' pupils. She hopes to set up a joint project with The Bahamas and London to explore possible ways of improving literacy among pupils identified as at risk.

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Paulet Brown has worked in higher education and has dedicated her life to student success.  She believes that education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today. 
As an academic, it is our job to provide the tools necessary for students to build their future and prepare them for every tomorrow to come. 


Paulet is presently undertaking a PhD at the Institute of Education, University of London. Her study explores a school-based initiative that aimed to raise standards of literacy through the introduction of an adapted curriculum. It not only reflects on the School's concerns but also those relating to standards of literacy nationally. It forms part of a case study on the evaluation of the impact of A Literacy Support Initiative (LSI), a project which targeted a sample of secondary aged pupils whose attainment on entry to year seven was significantly below that of pupils of their age and well below the nationally expected level four. As such these pupils were at risk of academic failure. An illuminative evaluation and a phenomenographic approach will be used to describe, analyse and understand the ways in which the participants experience aspects of the LSI.



  • Brown, P. (2006) 'Improving literacy Skills of 'at Risk students one year after transfer to secondary school.'' In John Richards (Eds.), International Perspectives of Educational and Training. Athens Institute for Education and Research: 301-311
  • Brown, P., Kingsford, J., Lall, M., Maw, N., Wellcome, W., (2003) Learning to use ICT in classrooms: ‘Teachers; and trainers’ perspectives. London, Mirandanet

Conference Papers

  • Brown, P. (1999) 'Writing a curriculum for students with reading difficulties', Pennsylvania Council of Teachers of English Language Arts, Somerset, Pennsylvania
  • Brown, P. (2003) 'Building a literate Bahamas', College of The Bahamas 2003 Educational Forum

Currently working on paper: At risk of failure: a phenomenographic view of a Literacy Support Initiative.


  • ED 1023 Children's Literature
  • ED 2000 Research Methods
  • ED 2013 Issues in Child Development
  • ED 2018 Planning and Learning in the Early Years
  • ED 2022 Learning and Monitoring in Nursery and Primary Classrooms
  • ED3000 Research Methods
  • ED3400 Becoming and Early Childhood and Education student 
  • ED3401 - Key Concept in Early Childhood and Education Studies
  • ED3402 - Rethinking children's behaviour

Scholarly activities

Project evaluation of a 'Year 7 Project' in East London


BA (Hons) Early Childhood Studies

If you're interested in learning more about children and childhood and you envisage a career working with and for children and their families, this course will give you an excellent foundation.

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