Nora Morocza

Miss Nora Morocza

Research Assistant

, School of Education and Communities

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Nora is currently evaluating the Communities Driving Change Programme that aims to implement a health creation programme in selected neighbourhoods in Tower Hamlets. 
The project adopts a community development approach to empower residents to take control over their immediate environment, health and wellbeing.
She is also co-organising the Institute's public seminar series (Seminar@IHHD).


Recent Research


  • Tower Hamlets Communities Driving Change Programme

Previous Research


  • Nora is currently completing her PhD at Liverpool John Moores University on the social and health benefits of walking and walk leading with HF Holidays.
  • She worked as a visiting PhD researcher at Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia on the "Community use and appreciation of Dandenong Creek Parklands" project