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Dr Nicholas Wood

Senior Lecturer

Visiting Senior Lecturer

Department of Professional Psychology , School of Psychology

Areas Of Interest

  • Narrative methodologies
  • Children and Adolescent Mental Health
  • Disability
  • Men's Health
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Nick Wood is a clinical psychologist and academic with a research focus on men’s health issues and children with disabilities or mental health difficulties. He is a Senior Lecturer in Child and Life-Span Mental Health on the BSc in Counselling degree.


Peer-reviewed Journal Articles

  • Wood, N. (2015). How to talk to someone with an "untreatable" lifelong condition. British Medical Journal, 351, 32-33. doi:10.1136/bmj.h5037 |
  • Shah, S., Wood, N., & Nolte, L. (2012). The experiences of being a trainee clinical psychologist from a black and minority ethnic group: a qualitative study. Clinical Psychology Forum, 232, 32–35.|
  • Lund, C., Kajee, A., & Wood, N. (2010). Clinical psychology training in South Africa. Clinical Psychology Forum, 215, 17-21.|
  • Wood, N., & Dockrell, J. (2010). Psychological assessment procedures for assessing deaf or hard of hearing children. Educational and Child Psychology, 27(2), 11-22.|
  •  Wood, N., Berg, A., Hector, K., Jhetam, N., Moolman, S., Name, N., … Schudel, A. (1995). Service delivery aspects of a Child and Family Unit. Southern African Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, 7(1), 46-53.
  • Wood, N., & Wassenaar, D. R. (1989). Family characteristics of Indian parasuicide patients: A controlled study. South African Journal of Psychology, 19(3), 172-184. doi:10.1177/008124638901900308

Book Chapters

  • Winter, D., Bridi, S., Urbano Giralt, S., & Wood, N. (2011). Loosening the chains of preemptive construing: constructions of psychological disorder and its treatment in Sierra Leone. In D. Stojnov, V. Dzinovic, T. Pavlovic & M. Frances (Eds.), Personal construct psychology in an accelerating world (pp. 95–108). EPCA/Serbian Constructivist Association.|

Conference Papers

  • Wood, N. (2013). Survivor narratives of men with chronic prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CP/CPPS). Paper presented at the 6th International Conference in International Society for Critical Health Psychology, Bradford, UK.|
  • Wood, N. (1992). In-patient profile of adult and adolescent substance abusers, Lentegeur Hospital. Paper presented at the Psychological Association of South Africa congress, Cape Town.

Conference Proceedings

  • Wood, N. (2000). Cognitive assessment of deaf children. Paper presented at the Child Language Conference, City University, London.

Unpublished Works

  • Wood, N. (2003). Cognitive and linguistic profiles of hearing impaired children. Unpublished Doctor of Philosophy Dissertation. University of London.


BSc (Hons) Counselling

Get in-depth knowledge of the 4 major psychotherapeutic approaches: Person-centred, Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), Psychodynamic, Existential.

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  • GC6707: Developments and New Directions
  • GC5706: Lifespan and Development