Natalie Garrett Brown

Natalie Garrett Brown

Interim Dean

, School of Arts and Creative Industries

Dr Natalie Garrett Brown is Interim Dean for the School of Arts and Creative Industries. The School is comprised of The Department of Music, Writing and Performance, The Department of Media and the Department of Fashion.

Areas Of Interest

Dr Natalie Garrett Brown is a dance practitioner, teacher, researcher and leader in Higher Education. She undertook her dance training and education at Trinity Laban and London Contemporary Dance School completing her doctoral studies at Roehampton University. She is also a trained executive Coach and Somatic Movement Educator.

On This Page


Her practice and research interests are situated within feminist understandings of embodied subjectivity and the ways in which somatic and reflective practices can inform education, performance making, creativity, writing and digital cultural practices.

Natalie is Chair for Dance HE and founding member of enter and inhabit, a site-responsive collaborative project. Natalie is co-convener of the International Conference for Dance & Somatic Practices, held biannually at Coventry University. She is also co-editor of Attending to Movement, Somatic Perspectives on Living in this World (2015) and a founding editor of the Dance and Somatic Practices Journal. She was one of the co-investigators the 3-year UK Arts and Humanities Research Council-funded research project Sensing the City: an Embodied Documentation and Mapping of the Changing Uses and Tempers of Urban Place (a practice-based case-study of the city of Coventry (2017-2020).

Natalie has experience of PhD supervision and examination in the areas of Contemporary Dance Performance and Choreography, Outdoor Movement Practices, Somatic Practices, Dance and Disability, Dance in the Gallery and Museum.


Selected Research Projects and Grants

Arts & Humanities Research Council Research Project Award, PI Nicolas Whybrow (Warwick University), CI Natalie Garrett Brown (Coventry University) ‘Sensing the City: an Embodied Documentation and Mapping of the Changing Uses and Tempers of Urban Place (a practice-based case-study of Coventry)’ 3 year project April 2017-March 2020. Total Award Value £330,562.00

flockOmania 4 (London Edition), Jan 2017, The Cass Bank Gallery, Invited Artists, Robertson, Garrett Brown, Voris, Kipp & Snell 2015-16, flockOmania 2, Birmingham City University, Parkside Gallery Commission, 2015, Coventry University Pump-Prime Grant, Valuing Bodies: ethics, economy and dance in the gallery, 2015, flockOmania 1, Coventry University, Birmingham City University and Lanchester Gallery Commission, 2014

Selected Publications

  • Garrett Brown, N. (2020) 'Nomadic Making; enacting difference through collaborative performance practice' in the Journal of Choreographic Practices, Vol 11.1, Intellect Publishers
  • Garrett Brown, Kipp, Meehan & Voris, (2021) 'Moving and Mapping: exploring embodied approaches to urban design and planning’ In Whybrow, N. (ed) 'Urban Sensographies', UK Routledge
  • Garrett Brown, N & Voris, A & Bannon, F (Ed) (2018) ‘Pedagogy and Process’ Special Issue, Journal of Somatic Practices, Intellect Publishers Issue 10.1
  • Garrett Brown, N & Voris, A (2016), 'flock0mania 2; a Women at Work', exhibition catalogue, published by Birmingham City University, UK.
  • Garrett Brown, N (2015) Strategies of Interruption: Slowing Down and Becoming Sensate in Site Responsive Dance. In Hunter, V. (ed) Moving Sites: Investigating Site-Specific Dance, UK, Routledge 
  • Garrett Brown, N., Kipp, C., & Voris, A. (2015) Dancing with dirt and wires; reconciling the embodied and the digital in site responsive collaborative practice. In Causey, M., Meehan, E., O'Dwyer, N. (ed) Through the Virtual Toward the Real: The Performing Subject in the Spaces of Technology, UK, Palgrave Publishers
  • Alexander, Garret Brown & Whatley (2015) Attending To Movement: Somatic perspectives on living in this world, UK, Triarchy Press

Selected Conference Presentations

  • Garrett Brown, N & Meehan E, City, Public, Space & Body Conference, Goldsmiths, London, UK Paper Presentation, Dec 2021, Online. Moving and Mapping: An Embodied Approach to Urban Planning and Design
  • Garrett Brown, N, Meehan, E, ITFR Conference, Paper Presentation, July 2021, Online, Moving and Mapping: An Embodied Approach to Urban Planning and Design
  • Garrett Brown, N, Meehan, E, Kipp, C & Voris, A., Trinity Laban, London, Feb 2020, flockomania, Craft and Art Symposium, Paper Presentation and Performance:
  • Garrett Brown, N, Meehan, E, Kipp, C & Voris, A., Dance Studies Association International Conference, June 2019, Paper Presentation: 'Sensing The City: Case-studying Ethics of Difference and Belonging in Site- Responsive Dance Practice'
  • Garrett Brown, N. 23rd annual Performance Studies international Conference "OverFlow", Hamburg University, June, 2017. Paper Presentation: Entering Sites of Flow and Transition: Case-studying dance practice as knowledge generators.
  • Garrett Brown, N. Performance Studies International (PSI) 22 Conference, University of Melbourne, Australia (July 5-9th 2016) Curated Panel: Affecting Change; attending to sites and ecologies through choreographic practice - River Walking, Convivial Collaborations with Community and Place.
  • Garrett Brown, N. Undisciplining Dance Symposium, Auckland University, New Zealand, (June 30th-July 2nd 2016) paper presentation, Fast Failing; considering embodied exchange in collaborative arts practice
  • 'Doing the Body' Conference, Pittsburgh University, (March 31st – April 2nd 2016), paper presentation, Corporeal Knowing; dance, embodiment and 'being' the body

Selected Conferences & Symposium Convened

Co-Convener of Dance and Somatic Practices Conference (2011, 2013, 2015, 2017 & 2019) Three-day international conference, Coventry University, including paper presentations & installation contributions.

Co-convened of Beyond Jewellery: Performing the Body Symposium, March 17th 2016, at Parkside Gallery, A collaboration between BCU School of Jewellery and CU, C-DaRE, including paper and private view performative contribution.