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Dr Miriam Mukasa

Senior Lecturer

Global Studies

Department of Social Sciences , School of Education and Communities

Miriam is a Senior Lecturer and Programme Leader.  Miriam specialises in information and communication technologies and global development with particular emphasis on developing countries.  She is a Fellow of Higher Education Academy and a  Member STIR (Society, Technology and Inequality) research group.

Areas Of Interest

  • Digital innovation in developing countries
  • ICTs and socio-economic development
  • Gender and technology
  • Social Justice
  • Applicability of Social construction of technology (SCOT) and Actor Network (ANT)  to digital technologies and development research
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Miriam has  a background in analysis, design and management of information systems and she has been teaching at UEL for several years. Her area of research interest includes digital innovation in organisations, the relationship between Information and communication technologies  and socio-economic development, and gender and technology.

Miriam is a fellow of the UK Higher Education Academy (HEA) and outside academia, she is a  trustee of Computer Aid International one of the leading ICT for development organisations providing low cost ICT solutions and training to reduce the digital divide and enable ICT literacy for the disadvantaged.


Miriam's research builds on the themes of adoption, embedding and use of digital technologies in developing countries and how the dynamics of this process shapes user perceptions and opportunities for digital transformation for development.  She conducted primary research on the adoption embedding and use of large scale generic software applications for academic administration in the higher education sector of developing countries and applied the Social Construction (SCOT) and Actor Network framework to the study.

The findings from the research is informing her current work on digital technologies, inequality and sustainable development.


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Miriam's teaching focuses on issues around poverty and global development and what role digital technologies can play in supporting initiatives for sustainable development. She leads several modules on the International development programme including the postgraduate masters dissertation module.