Mike Kretsis

Mr Mike Kretsis

Senior Lecturer

Computer Science and Informatics

Department of Engineering & Computing , School of Architecture, Computing and Engineering

Areas Of Interest

  • Operating systems, particularly Linux.
  • Open-source computing and virtualisation.
  • Networks and network security.
  • Legal, social and ethical issues in the context of IT and Computing.
On This Page


With almost 30 years experience of working in Higher Education including over 25 years at UEL, I have held a very wide range of positions including module and programme leadership, Admissions Tutor, Combined Honours leader, Industrial Liaison Officer and, since September 2014, Head of Computer Science and Informatics.

Prior to working in Higher Education, I was an analyst programmer at British Telecom, specialising in the development of COBOL and Assembly language applications for IBM mainframes. Using the skills that I acquired at BT, I undertook a three month volunteer placement in the Ministry of Finance in Managua, Nicaragua. My role involved the reverse engineering of a suite of Assembly language programmes which formed part of the Ministry's teaching payroll system.

I have taught a large number of modules (and students!) since joining the HE sector. My interests are wide and varied and currently include computer systems and networks, security, open source computing and the use of virtualisation technologies. I am also very interested in the impact of ICT on individuals, organisations and society at large and the obligations that we as  IT professionals must fulfil.


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  • 'Analysis of Student and Staff Experience in Industrial Projects'

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  • CN5108 Systems Administration
  • CN5104 Computing in Practice

I also supervise a significant number of final-year projects.