Martin Willis

Dr Martin Willis


, School of Psychology

As a social psychologist, Martin is particularly interested in ways in which subjectivity involves relationships between our bodies and social and material contexts.

Areas Of Interest

Martin's main research interests fall within the area of social psychology. He is particularly interested in how experience or subjectivity involves relationships between our bodies and social and material contexts and the role of these relationships in shaping how people experience and manage their lives and act in contemporary society. Particular topics of interest include feelings and emotions, morality, identities, collective decision making. He has also worked on projects exploring decision-making in mental health care and occupational health psychology (specifically, workplace stress and distress).

Martin is also keenly interested in research methodologies and methods (particularly qualitative), including ontological, epistemological, and axiological issues. He has recently been working in the area of analytical pluralism in qualitative research. Martin is also interested in the history and philosophy of psychology, including a concern for the contexts, applications and consequences of psychological knowledge and techniques; process philosophy (particularly that of Alfred North Whitehead) and enactivist approaches to mind and cognition and how these ideas can be utilized and developed in (social and applied) psychological theory and methodology.


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Martin joined the School of Psychology at UEL in September 2015 where he teaches research methods and social psychology for BSc Psychology and MSc Psychology. He also supervises student research for these programmes.

Martin gained an HND in Professional Sound and Video Technology from the University of Salford in 1999 and then worked as a freelance sound technician until 2007. He then re-entered full-time education at the University of Northampton and was awarded a first class BSc Psychology (Hons) in 2010. Martin worked at Northampton as part-time lecturer and Lead Mentor for the School of Social Sciences for a year before moving to Loughborough University in 2011 to begin his PhD, which was awarded in July 2015 for his thesis exploring nurses' distress resulting from moral dilemmas.

Other roles 

Peer reviewer for:

  •  Qualitative Research in Sport, Exercise & Health
  • New Media & Society


Martin's current research explores how process philosophy (especially that of Alfred North Whitehead) can be applied in social psychology to theorise human subjectivity. It has a particular focus on relationships between bodies (particularly emotions and feelings), thinking and socio-material contexts.

He is also working (with the Critical Values Based Practice Network) on shared decision-making in inpatient mental health care.


Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

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Conference Presentations

  • Willis, M.E.H. (2015). Discussing Ellis and Tamboukou. Discussant paper presented at Thinking with Whitehead. Centre for Narrative Research, London, 30 November.
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PhD Thesis

  • Willis, M.E.H. (2015). Moral decisions, moral distress, and the psychological health of nurses. Unpublished PhD, Loughborough University, Loughborough.


  • Houghton, P., Stacey, G., Felton, A., Morgan, A., Stickley, T., Willis, M., Diamond, B., Johnson, B., Dumenya, J. & Shutt, J. (2014). Power and decision making on acute wards. Clinical Psychology Bite-Size, 40. Nottingham: Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust.
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  • PY5201 Researching Psychological Worlds 2 (qualitative methods component)
  • PY5202 Applications of Psychobiology, Individual Differences & Social Psychology (social psychology component)
  • PY6301/6321/6322 Psychological Research Project (project supervisor)
  • PY6317 Psychology, Identity & Society
  • PY7153 Conceptual & Historical Issues in Psychology (CHiPs) & Social Psychology (seminar leader)
  • PY7155 Independent Research Thesis (project supervisor)