Luana Parisi

Luana Parisi


Urban Regeneration, Spatial Planning, Spatial Innovation, Sustainability, Multi-scalarity of Sustainable Practices, Smart Cities, Local Economic Development, Construction Technologies, Construction Management

, School of Architecture, Computing and Engineering

Luana is a Lecturer in Construction Engineering and Management at the University of East London, delivering modules on advanced sustainable technologies, construction management, innovation and sustainability. 


  • FHEA
  • Level 3 Award in Education and Training
  • PhD, International Doctorate in "Urban Regeneration and Economic Development"
  • EU qualification to work as Architect
  • MArch, Master's Degree in Architecture
  • RIBA in progress

Areas Of Interest

Research groups: Resilient Built Environment Research Group (RBERG), Research group - Culture and Environment, EngCompACE-Smart City Research Group,

On This Page


Luana is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA) and undertakes the roles of Academic Link tutor for both CAT, Centre for Alternative Technologies, and UNICAF, and of External Examiner at the University of Northampton. She also covers the Programme Leader BSc Construction Management role at the University of East London.

She received her international PhD in Urban Regeneration and Economic Development as part of a European funded project which allowed her to spend a few years in the United States as faculty adjunct, visiting scholar and visiting student at the San Diego State University (San Diego) and the Northeastern University (Boston), where she also carried out the research project titled MAPS-LED with a Marie Curie scholarship, becoming an Experienced  Researcher. 

She is ‎actively involved in research on urban regeneration, spatial innovation, sustainability, smart cities, Local Economic Development, construction technologies and construction management. Accordingly, she published first author and co-author manuscripts and research reports in scientific journals and presented the findings of her research to technical audiences in several institutions worldwide, including being a guest speaker at a high-profile conference at the India International Centre, in Chennai, where she delivered her talk about the future of the built environment, including the role of women in construction and the wider part played by Higher Education, which unlocked the possibility for her to implement a culture of inclusivity.

She is a forward-thinking architect with more than six years of experience as a freelancer and in collaboration with international companies based in Italy, the Netherlands and the UK mainly. 

The significant international exposure has led to a high level of acquaintance in cross-culture and interdisciplinary approaches.

External roles

  • CAT Academic Link Tutor;
  • UNICAF Academic Link Tutor;
  • External Examiner, University of Northampton BSc Civil Engineering and BSc Construction Management top up (Moulton).


  • MSMEs in the construction sector;
  • Innovation Districts;
  • Urban Regeneration.


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  • EG5014 Advanced Sustainable Technology;
  • EG4012 The Built Environment;
  • EG3010 Mental Wealth;
  • EG5010 Mental Wealth;
  • EG6014 Advanced Construction Technology and Innovation;
  • EG4013 Construction Technology;
  • EG7037 Environmental Sustainable Engineering and Logistics