Dr Kirsty Gardiner

Dr Kirsty Gardiner


Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology

, School of Psychology


  • PhD in Psychology from Queen Mary University of London
  • Masters in Applied Positive Psychology from University of East London
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Dr Kirsty Gardiner is a Lecturer in Positive Psychology on the Masters in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology programme. As a Social Psychologist by trade, Kirsty's research focuses primarily on the ways in which individuals can harness the power of their social connections – in order to better access well-being. 


Runs a Health Psychology module at Syracuse University study abroad scheme in London


  • Gardiner, K. L. K., Hefferon, K., & Jones, J. M. (In preparation). Something to talk about: The nature of meaningful conversations in romantic relationships.
  • Gardiner, K. L. K., Kumashiro, M., & Jones, J. (In preparation). Why We need to talk: Meaningful conversations predict well-being.

- Social relationships as sources of meaning
- Social relationships, communication, and well-being
- Social relationships and meaningful conversations
- Authenticity in social relationships and communication


  • Perspectives on Individual well-being (MAPPCP programme)
  • Research Methods