Kirk Chang

Professor Kirk Chang


Organisational Behaviour and Human Resource Management

Department of Tourism, Hospitality and Events Management , Royal Docks School of Business and Law

Kirk Chang is a university professor, consultant, and researcher in the field of OB-HRM (Organisational Behavior and Human Resource Management). Prof. Chang received PhD of Occupational Psychology (Manchester) and has been working in both academic and consultancy fields for nearly three decades. He is a media commentator and has published book chapters, commissioned reports and peer-reviewed journal articles. He has presented research papers at conferences in fifteen countries.



  • PhD of Occupational Psychology (Manchester)

Areas Of Interest

Professor Chang researches digital-management related issues and analyses the implication of technology on employees, managers, and their organizations. His research themes are linked to employee behavior (individual level), team dynamics (group level), personnel management (managerial level) and organizational competitive advantage (organizational level).

On This Page


Professor Chang has accumulated career experiences from reputable institutions, including the positions of Professor (University of East London, UK; Salford University, UK; University of Sharjah, UAE), Reader (Oxford Brookes University, UK), Senior Lecturer (Cumbria University, UK), Postdoc Research Fellow (Southampton University, UK), Assistant Professor (Kaohsiung Medical University, TW) and other scholarly posts.

He also acts as external programme examiner, PhD assessor, programme accreditor for both UK and overseas Higher Educations.

Professor  Chang has assisted numerous organizations in employee training, community engagement, consultancy projects, HR-oriented research collaboration and other aspects of business development. He is committed to widening and continuing access to education through the community engagement and business consultancy.

He is passionate about supporting the personnel development of Asian and European SMEs - from shoe manufacturing to semi-conductor industry and those pioneering world-leading science. Until recently, Professor Chang also has a long-standing commitment with both Chinese Telecom Industry and Chinese Academy of Personnel Science, supporting their personnel recruitment and performance bonus management system through the application of artificial intelligence, such as i4 (Industry 4.0) and AI-M.  


Professor Chang investigates issues of personnel management and scrutinizes the implication of technology (AI, Digitalization) on employee behavior, group dynamics, teamwork, competitive advantage and organizational performance.




  • Quantitative Method and Data Analysis 
  • Artificial Intelligence in Business and Management
  • Employee Behaviour and Management
  • Mental Wealth Programme Series (Postgraduate Programmes)
  • Strategy and leadership (MBA Programmes)