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Karen Gale


Hospitality and Tourism

Department of Tourism, Hospitality & Events Management , Royal Docks School of Business and Law

Karen started working at UEL as a HPL and is now a full-time lecturer within IoHT. After a successful career that spans over 2 decades within Hospitality, Events, Leisure and Tourism Industry she started to academically teach in 2013. bringing a wealth of practical and hands-on experience to the content she delivers.


  • BA (Hons)
  • MSc
  • DipM
  • HND
  • PLH

Areas Of Interest

Working towards a sustainable workforce in the Hospitality, Events, Leisure and Tourism Industry; Employability – enhancement of transferable skills; Workplace cultures; Leadership Strategies; The humanistic elements of our society/communities and our workforces; Challenges to be met for future managers; Future thinking for Sustainable innovations; Workforce as a competitive advantage; Human Capital; Focusing on the future of work and our industry.

On This Page


Karen is a Lecturer in Hospitality, Events and Leisure Industry, who holds more than 17 years practical experience within the industry. She holds an MSc from London Southbank University in International Tourism and Hospitality Management and is the Module Leader for the new and developing Professional Fitness & Mental Wealth programme. This new and innovative programme sits at the heart of every course UEL now offers, that embeds a set of skills that ifit for life. It covers varying topics and the emphasis is on personal development, transferable skills and core competencies needed for today’s diverse workplace.


Karen's MSc research focused on several crucial factors that encompass the industries workforce. Suggestions for future research includes: to add to the body of knowledge concerning social sustainability in work organizations; putting human capital first, that satisfies the changing needs of international business and generational societal needs; uncovering numerous ongoing issues that directly affect not only our HELT sector's human capital but perhaps all industries labor forces.

Most recent research papers written (not published):

  • Moving towards Sustainable Workforce
  • The role of marketing strategy in achieving a competitive advantage; 
  • A review of Transformational Leadership within a hospitality context; 
  • Analysis of Venice; 
  • Critically evaluate the concept of indigenous management;
  • Overtourism; 
  • Slum tourism; 
  • Key trends and issues that may affect how the International Tourism and Hospitality sector may develop over the next 20 years'. 
  • The fulfillment of customers' needs


  • Mental Wealth Personal Skills for Hospitality, Events and Tourism 
  • Strategic Management for Events
  • Developing Collaborative Relationships
  • Employability in the Hospitality, Events and Tourism Sector
  • Leadership and Entrepreneurship 
  • Mental Wealth Professional Practice in Hospitality, Events and Tourism
  • Understanding Hospitality, Events and Tourism Experiences
  • Innovation and Enterprise in Hospitality, Events and Tourism