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Mr John Macklin

Head of Department, Education and Community Development

Department of Teacher Education , School of Education and Communities

John is the Head of Department for Education and Community Development at the School of Education and Communities

Areas Of Interest

  • Co-Chair Dys
  • Improving understanding of pedagogical practice to improve organisational performance
  • Exploring academic practice in HE and schools with a view to understanding better inclusive practice (Academic Ableism).
  • Developing support practices for those who are neurological diverse and 
  • Organisational Development Planning.
  • Use of coaching and mentoring in developing teaching & learning of students and leaders.
  • Professional practice and leadership in turbulent times
On This Page


Lead a large team of academics across several disciplines from education, social science, youth work and social work.  This team comprises research active staff inc. professors, Associate Professors and Readers. The range of courses range from Level three right through to level 8. I manage a significant budget, create action plans and strategies to improve student outcomes, UEL and school KPIs.  I work on developing the school Knowledge Exchange and have had a significant impact on our KEF performance.  I carry out staff appraisals and allocate workloads as well as address poor performance concerns.  I have delivered CPD for the team to improve pedagogy and supervise 4 doctoral students.  I am one of two Heads of department in the school and am an active and key member of the School of Education & Communities leadership team.
As a Principal Fellow of the HEA I mentor and coach colleagues who are aiming to gain PFHEA status I also run and teach a module where Nurse Educators can gain a level 7 qualifications in coaching from the Chartered Management Institute.  These two coaching activities have an impact on the quality of teaching, coaching and mentoring in both my HEI, and Health sector.
As a lead councillor I increased organisational effectiveness by developing and implementing HR policy. Built and maintained a strategic relationship with various outside agencies, such as business, national and local government, community groups, and individuals. Developed million plus pound budget for seamless execution of large-scale projects, such as building schools for the future and IT procurement. Provided strategic leadership in managing HR operations including organisational development plans, ‘360’ reviews for senior leaders, disciplinary procedure, training and development of staff and councillors.



  • Academic year 2021-2022 developing coaching and mentoring support for school leaders in rural South Africa with Wolverhampton University (seed funding of 3k from The British Educational Leadership Management and Administration Society
  • September 2011 to July 2012: The British Educational Leadership Management and Administration Society 3k to understand employment patterns in schools
  • Developing mobile applications 10k
  • Intern for careers development opportunity. 

Conference papers

  • British Educational Leadership, Management Administration Society Annual Conference: July 2012.  Stevenson, H., Mercer, J., Macklin, J., & Alexandrou, A. (2012, July 20–22). Contesting educational reform: Teacher unions and Academy schools. Paper presented at BELMAS Annual Conference, Manchester, UK. 
  • British Educational Leadership, Management Administration Society Annual Conference:  July 2019 with colleague LO
  • International Dilemmas in Human Resources Conference: Sept 2017 & Sept 2019 
  • International Critical Management Studies Conference: Liverpool July 2017
  • International Professional Development Association presentation: Nov 2012 & 2020
  • British Educational Technology annual event - Spoke on using new technology to support teaching and learning


  • Macklin, J., (2013) School leaders communicating in complex organisations. Research in Teacher Education Vol.3, No.1. April 2013. pp. 22–26. 
  • Lynch, S., & Macklin, J., (2020) Academic Ableism in Higher Education. Birmingham City University Educational Journal Magazine available at:
  • Two articles in the final stages one for The International Professional Development Association and one for The British Educational Leadership Management and Administration Society 
  • Book chapter on semiotics (final draft end of March 2022)


  • Blogpost for the London School of Economics on Academic Ableism and how to support learners
  • In the process of being accepted into the Worshipful Company of Educators where I will join the SEND SIG and begin developing a SIG in work-based learning (apprenticeships)
  • I have had feedback from CIPD and will be applying to be an Academic Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Directors. Referee 3 can confirm as he is an assessor for CIPD.
  • Chapter on research methods 


Supervise Doctoral students researching Initial Teacher Education and female careers changers, School exclusions, entrepreneurship in Higher Education, Career choices and STEM in secondary schools.
Previous programme leader the Post Graduate Certificate in Higher Education learning & Teaching (leading to FHEA), Post Graduate Academic Professional Apprenticeship, Post Graduate Teacher Apprenticeships, MA Leadership in Education, MA Teaching & Learning, PGCE Information Technology, dissertation lead for the MA Education.