Jawed Qureshi

Dr Jawed Qureshi


Structural Engineering and Design

Department of Engineering & Construction , School of Architecture Computing and Engineering (ACE)

Dr Jawed Qureshi is a Senior Lecturer in Structural Engineering and Design.

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Selected Publications

Journal Papers

  • Qureshi J and Mottram JT. Moment-rotation response of nominally pinned beam-to-column joints for frames of pultruded fibre reinforced polymer. Construction and Building Materials 2015; 77(2): 396–403.
  • Lam, D, Qureshi J and Ye, J. Effects of Shear Connector's Position in Profiled Sheeting on Strength and Ductility. In: The 5th International Conference on Steel &; Composite Structures, Seoul, Korea; 2011.
  • Qureshi J, Lam D and Ye J. Finite element modelling of shear connection behaviour in a push test using profiled sheeting. In: The fourth international conference on structural engineering, mechanics and computation (SEMC 2010). Cape Town, South Africa; 2010.
  • Lam D, Qureshi J and Ye J. Composite behaviour of headed stud shear connectors in pairs with profiled metal deck flooring. In: Steel &; Composite Structures- Proceedings of the 4th International Conference. Sydney, Australia; 2010.
  • Lam D. and Qureshi J. Modelling Headed Shear Stud in Composite Beams with Profiled Metal Decking. In: Proceedings of the International Workshop on Steel and Composite Structures. Sydney, Australia; 2010.
  • Qureshi J, Lam D and Ye J. Behaviour of Headed Shear Stud in a Push Test using Profiled Steel Sheeting. In: 9th International Conference on Steel Concrete Composite and Hybrid Structures. Leeds, United Kingdom; 2009.



  • EG5101 Analysis and Design of Structural Elements
  • EG5119 Structural Form and Element Analysis
  • CE3216 Final Project
  • EG7005 Design in Steel and Concrete
  • EG7011 Research Dissertation


  • CE 2203 Analysis and Design of Structural Elements
  • CE3216 Final Project
  • CEM005 Design in Steel and Concrete
  • CEM011 Research Dissertation

PhD Supervision

  • Ahmed Jawad ALBARRAM. Behaviour of steel-concrete composite I-beams. (started Jan 2015)