James Beale

James Beale

Senior Lecturer

Department of Bioscience and Sport , School of Health, Sport and Bioscience

Areas Of Interest

  • Applied Sport & Exercise Psychology
  • Positive Psychology
  • Green Exercise (Exercise in natural environments)
  • Interventions within Applied Sport Psychology
  • Athletes and Coaches Perceptions of Sport Psychology
  • Exercise and Mental Health
  • Sport & Exercise Psychology Media Comment
On This Page


  • Beale, J.T & Wilson, M (2013) Sport Psychology, in Bayne, R & Jinks, G (2013) Applied Psychology: Research Training & Practice 154 - 165 2nd Sage Publications
  • Bull, J.E & Beale J.T (2012) A Qualitative Insight into the Impact of a Community Based Project on Antisocial Behaviour within a Deprived Urban Area: The Case of Fight for Peace, in Gilbert K & Bennett, W Sport Peace & Development 453 - 464. Common Ground Publishing.
  • Edwards, D.J., Beale, J.T & Edwards, S (2012) Influence of Actual and Virtual Chess on Neurophysiology and Cognition, African Journal for Physical, Health Education, Recreation and Dance (AJPHERD) Vol. 18 (4) 780 - 786
  • Edwards, S & Beale, J.T (2011) A Report on the Evaluation of a Breath Workshop for Stress Management by Sport Psychology Students, African Journal for Physical, Health Education, Recreation and Dance (AJPHERD) Vol. 17 (3), 517 – 525



  • Beale, J.T (2008) The Use of Social Networking Within the Sport and Exercise Sciences, The London Journal of Tourism, Sport and Creative Industries, Volume 1, Edition 2.
  • Enright, T., Gibbes, C., & Beale, J.T (2009) An Investigation Into Eastern European Males Motivation For Gym Usage In An East London Gym. Oral Presentation at the 'The 3rd International Conference For Qualitative Research In Sport And Exercise'
  • Beale, J.T., Johnstone, J., & Williamson, A (2007) Evaluation of an Inter-Disciplinary Sport Science Intervention to the Great Britain Under 16 Korfball Team Preparing For the Youth Talent World Cup: Oral Presentation at 'The 12th European Congress of Sport Psychology'

Poster presentations

  • Edwards, D.J, Steyn, B, Beale, J.T & Buscombe, R.M (2011) The Relationship Between Psychological Skills and Psychological Well-Being at 'The 13th European Congress of Sport Psychology'
  • Beale, J (2007) Working with depressed clients: Valuable information and guidance for those working with this unique population in the fitness industry, Register of exercise professionals journal, issue 8

Conference presentations

  • Chair and Discussant: Beale, J.T (2011) International Perspectives on the Training Of Sport 7 Exercise Psychology Practitioners: 4 Different Perspectives at 'The 13th European Congress of Sport Psychology'

Oral presentations

  • Beale, J.T (2012) Opening Address at The 2012 BASES Student Conference
  • Beale, J.T, Clarke-Irons, C & Silverwood, C (2012) An Interdisciplinary Approach To Supporting Professional Cricketers, Career In Sport Conference
  • Beale, J.T (2012) Working As A BASES Accredited Sport and Exercise Scientist 'Careers ub Sport Conference'
  • Beale, J.T (2011) Applied Training In Sport & Exercise Psychology For Those From A Sport Science Background In The UK at 'The 13th European Congress of Sport Psychology'
  • Beale, J.T (2011) Maintaining Your Training: The Battle With The Mind. At 'The British Military Fitness (BMF) Conference 09/11
  • Beale, J.T & Taboas, J.C (2009) Perceptions of Sport Psychology and The Sport Psychologist: The Director Sportifs View. Oral presentation presented at 'The 12th World Congress of Sport Psychology'

Commercial publications

  • Beale, J.T (2005) The Role of Emotions In Cricket: How To Improve Your Mental Approach To Cricket Through Monitoring Your Optimal Performance States. In Cricket World, Autumn 2005 pp 60 - 61


  • BASES International Travel Grant 2011 - £500 awarded to travel to the World Congress of Sport Psychology  


Scholarly activities

Conference Organiser:
2012 BASES Student Conference 12 - 14 April 2012 held at the University of East London

2012 Careers In Sport Conference Organiser 2 November 2012 held at the University of East London

External Examiner:
Teesside University MSc In Sport & Exercise 2009 - present
University of West of England MSc In Sport & Exercise Psychology 2011 - present

Public Talks:
Beale, J.T (2012) The Psychology of Sport, at The Dana Centre, Science Museum, London http://www.danacentre.org.uk/events/2012/06/06/656
Beale, J.T (2007) New Year New You, at The Dana Centre, Science Museum London http://www.danacentre.org.uk/events/2007/01/09/213

MSc Applied Sport And Exercise Sciences (Sport Psychology)

Our MSc immerses you into sport psychology in a supportive and challenging way.

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I am the module leader for the modules:

  • SE 2108 Social Psychology of Sport
  • SE 2114 Psychology of Physical Activity
  • SE 3115 Applied Sport Psychology
  • SEM 003 Advanced Applied Sport Psychology