Guy Harries

Dr Guy Harries

Senior Lecturer

Performing Arts, CPAD

Department of Music, Writing & Performance , School of Arts and Creative Industries

Guy Harries is senior lecturer in music, and co-director of the research centre CPAD (Centre for Performing Arts Development).

Areas Of Interest

  • Electronic sound
  • Performance
  • Interactivity
  • Multimedia in live performance
  • Vocal performance
  • Instrumental composition
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Guy Harries is senior lecturer in music at UEL, and co-director of the research centre CPAD (Centre for Performing Arts Development). He is a composer, sound artist and performer, working with electronics, acoustic instruments, voice and multimedia. His research explores the use of sound in performance with a focus on dramaturgy, interdisciplinary collaboration and audience participation.

His music releases include solo work and collaborations with the POW Ensemble, Meira Asher and Yumi Hara on the labels X-OR, Sub Rosa, Migro. His latest album titled Fault Line was released on the label Sombre Soniks.

In 2012 he founded the Live Hazard collective with illustrator Valerie Pezeron. The collective explores the interdisciplinary links between drawing and sonic performance, and has organised a number of large-scale events in the UK, linking visual artists and musicians in a live performance context.

He also composes socio-politically engaged opera including Jasser (tour throughout the Netherlands in 2006/07) and Two Caravans (Flourish New Opera Prize winner 2012), and also runs a community opera devising workshop at Theatre Deli studios. He also works as a singer-songwriter under the moniker Guy XY and recently released the album Turing Cabaret inspired by the life of Alan Turing.

External roles

  • External Examiner of M-level programmes in Music Technology - London College of Music at University of West London


Most recent research

Chamber operas: Dreams of Time (2018 Tete-a-Tete opera festival), Two Caravans  (OperaUpClose 2013 - winner Flourish new opera award), Jasser - de opera (BodyLab Foundation NL tour 2006)

Multi-media performances: Sonic Rituals (with Yumi Hara 2011-2019), Point-Line-Plane (with Live Hazard 2017), Shadowgraphs (2009), Imaginary Friends (2007), Infantry  (with Meira Asher 2001-2003), Stereo Dogs (2002)

Solo albums: Turing Cabaret (Guy XY 2018), Fault Line (Sombre Soniks 2016)

Compositions commissioned and performed by various established ensembles: LOOS (NL), SOIL (NL), The Tate Ensemble (UK), Vocaal Lab (NL), The Roentgen Connection (NL). Commissioned by: GeNeCo (association of Dutch composers), Foundation for Performing Arts (NL), BBC Radio 3 / Bath Festival, Gaudeamus (NL), Prins Bernhard Foundation (NL)

A member of Luc Houtkamp's POW computer ensemble, participating in the projects: The 13-bar Blues (2002-2004), Electric Maqamat (2004), TeamingUp (2004), Masnavi Molavi (2005-2006), Songs, Dances and Riddles (2005), An Homage To Hazard (2007), Strange Attractors (2009) and BoxOfBrix (2010)

Participatory projects: Create An Opera! - community devising workshop Theatre Delicatessen London (from 2017); Protest Choir - Tate Exchange workshop and participatory performance (with Simonetta Alessandri 2019), Blue Shangri-La performance co-created with Streetwise Opera (Southbank Centre 2019)

Research Areas

  • Electronic/electroacoustic music
  • Experimental music
  • Participatory performance
  • Music and community
  • Devising performance
  • Musical improvisation
  • Interdisciplinary performance
  • Opera and politics


  • 'The Utopian Ensemble: Collaboration and Emergent Creation' in Dance and Research: Percorsi di Ricerca nell'Arte Coreutica Performativa. Harries, G, (edited by Bocchino, G and Sciortino, L.) with preface by Palmieri, M. E.. 2020. Rome: Squi[Libri].
  • 'Evoking the Sublime: Absence and Presence in live electroacoustic performance' In Interference: Journal of Audio Culture Vol. 4. Harries, G. 2014.
  • 'The Open Work: Ecologies of Participation' (2013). In Organised Sound 18 (1). Harries, G. 2013. Cambridge University Press.


  • PA6303 - Performance Skills 3: Live Electronics
  • PA5013 - Public Project 2
  • PA5012 - Multidisciplinary Collaboration 2
  • PA4013 - Performance Skills 1 Project
  • PA4018 - Music Performance & Production Technique 1: Establish