gokhan aydin

Dr Gokhan Aydin

Senior Lecturer

Fashion Marketing

Department of Media, Fashion & Communications , School of Arts and Creative Industries

Dr Gokhan Aydin is working as a senior lecturer lecturing on strategic marketing, mental wealth, professional portfolio and relevant topics at School of Arts & Creative Industries.

Areas Of Interest

His research interests include:

  • Online consumer behaviour
  • Digital marketing (e.g. mobile marketing, social media marketing)
  • Digitalization (e.g. mobile application use and mobile payment adoption)
  • Brand management
  • Luxury brand management

He commonly works with cross-sectional data and applies multi-variate analysis methods including structural equation modelling (SEM) and clustering via machine learning algorithms in his studies.

On This Page


Gokhan Aydin PhD, MBA, BSc (Eng), received his PhD from Istanbul Technical University on Management Engineering and MBA degree from Koc University.

He is currently working as a Senior Lecturer at UEL Fashion Marketing course. He has been lecturing on various marketing topics including but not limited to Marketing Management, Services Marketing, Digital Marketing and Brand Management at graduate and undergraduate levels since 2013.

He has 12 years of hands on private sector work experience on brand & product management, digital marketing, international sales and marketing and retail management. In addition, he is working as an independent consultant on strategic marketing, brand management and retail management projects.

His research areas include online consumer behavior, digital marketing and mobile applications.


Dr Aydin has more than forty manuscripts published in a wide range of journals and conference proceedings.

His publications so far have mainly focused on online consumer behaviour, digitization and digital services adoption, social media and mobile communications effectiveness, brand equity and health tourism.

  • Aydin, G. (2020). Social media engagement and organic post effectiveness: A roadmap for increasing the effectiveness of social media use in hospitality industry. Journal of Hospitality Marketing & Management, 29(1): 1-21.
  • Aydin, G. (2019). Do Personality Traits and Shopping Motivations Affect Social Commerce Adoption Intentions? Evidence form an Emerging Market. Journal of Internet Commerce, 18(4): 428-467.
  • Aydin, G. (2019). Examining Social Commerce Intentions through the Uses and Gratifications Theory. International Journal of E-Business Research, 15(2): 44-70.
  • Ertemel, V., Aydin, G. (2018). Technology Addiction in the Digital Economy and Suggested Solutions, Addicta, 5(4): 665-690.
  • Aydin, G. (2018). Role of Personalization on Attitudes Towards Social Media Advertisements. International Journal of E-Business Research, 14(3): 1-18.
  • Aydin, G. (2018). Effect of Demographics on Use Intention of Gamified Systems. International Journal of Technology and Human Interaction, 14(1): 1-21.
  • Aydin, G. Karamehmet, B. (2017). Factors affecting health tourism and international health-care facility choice. International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Marketing, 11(1): 16-36.
  • Aydin, G. Karamehmet B., (2017). A comparative study on attitudes towards SMS advertising and mobile application advertising. International Journal of Mobile Communications, 15(5): 514-536.
  • Aydin, G. (2018). Green Marketing and Advertising and Eco-labeling. and Green Production, Product & Service Design. in Y. Demir Uslu (eds.) “Green Business”, (pp.63-79) Ankara: Nobel Academic Publishing (Book Chapters) ISBN: 978-605-320-879-2.
  • Uray, N. Aydin, G., Silahtaroğlu, G., Anıtsal M.M. (2019) How to shine through the masses on social media:  A content analysis of posts in online brand communities. EMAC 2019 Hamburg: Germany
  • Ozkan, O.B., Onay, C., Aydin, G. (2019). The Adoption of Near-Field Communication Technology for Mobile Payments: An Empirical Investigation of Major Determinants. 6. International Management Information Systems Conference, Istanbul, Turkey


Dr Aydin earned grants and funding from Istanbul Chamber of Industry and Istanbul Medipol University:

  • Istanbul Chamber of Industry University Industry Collaboration Grant – 2006: Awarded grant for PhD thesis study “Consumer-based brand equity’s effect on financial performance
  • Istanbul Medipol University Scientific Project Grant - 2019: Awarded grant for research project on “Enabling effective use of mobile applications in promoting health"


In his academic career exceeding 8 years,  Dr. Aydin lectured on various aspects of marketing and management such as:

  • Marketing Management
  • Brand Management, Digital Marketing
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Presentation Techniques
  • Sales Management
  • Services Marketing
  • Healthcare Services Marketing,
  • International Marketing and Research Methods

at undergraduate & graduate levels in various programmes at different schools (School of Business, School of Health, School of Communications, Arts & Creative Industries).