Elizabeth Stokes

Elizabeth Stokes

Senior Lecturer

Criminal Law, Human Rights, Mental Health & Criminal Justice

Department of Law & Criminology , Royal Docks School of Business and Law

Elizabeth Stokes is a Senior Lecturer in Law specialising in Criminal Law, Human Rights, Mental Health & Criminal Justice. She is also a workplace mediator.


  • MPhil, MA

Areas Of Interest

Human rights law in the UK, mental health and crime, mediation and coaching practice in education.

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Elizabeth Stokes is a senior lecturer in Law in the Royal Docks School of Business and Law at the University of East London. She currently teaches Public Law, Human Rights Proceedings and Criminal Law for the LLB programmes and a criminology option on Mentally Disordered Suspects, Defendants and Offenders.  

Elizabeth is responsible for the design and delivery of a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate modules, primarily in the area of crime, human rights and legal methods. She promotes interdisciplinary learning, along with a particular interest in the skills and module design necessary to teach law and the value of legal education to non-law students and to people from diverse educational backgrounds. This stems from her own experience as an Oxbridge 'target schools' student and first-generation entrant to university.

Between 2005-7 Elizabeth worked as a central academic at the Open University, Faculty of Health & Social Care developing distance learning legal materials for health, social work and youth justice practitioners, including for the (then) innovative online Open Learn platform  She has extensive experience in Programme Leadership roles, including management and design of blended learning materials for the Graduate Diploma in Law (CPE). She also led the Criminology subject area and Law two-subject degrees.

As a qualified Mediator, Elizabeth is a member of the Steering Group of the University of East London Mediation Hub and Mediators Community of Practice Group. She also acts as a workplace coach and mentor and integrates these skills into her teaching practice.


Current research areas include:

  • exploring the barriers to effective practice in the teaching and learning of domestic human rights law and the challenges faced by this discipline both within the academy and in the wider policy context
  • closing the degree awarding gap: stereotype threat and language skills as a core competency in legal studies
  • neurodiversity in the workplace


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  • Stokes, E (2012) "Nuts, Sluts and Perverts: Conflicts and Challenges in the Domestication of Human Rights Law". Centre for Human Rights in Conflict Seminar Series, UEL.
  • Open Learn (MOOC) course: http://www.open.edu/openlearn/health-sports-psychology/social-care/social-work/social-work-and-the-law-scotland/content-section-0
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Elizabeth teaches modules on Criminal law, Public law, Human rights, and Mental Health & Criminal Justice.