carmen aleman

Carmen Aleman


Photography, Visual Arts

Department of Architecture & Visual Arts , School of Arts and Creative Industries

Carmen Alemán is a visual artist and educator living in London.

Areas Of Interest

  • Photography
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Carmen Alemán is a visual artist and educator living in London.

She has a Masters in Photography from the London College of Communication and a B.A in Photography from the Manchester Metropolitan University. She also completed her Professional Doctorate in Fine Art at the University of East London in June 2019.  Carmen was raised in Spain and came to England to undertake her higher education studies.

Carmen Alemán teaches on the B.A. Photography programme. She has extensive teaching experience and has previously taught photography in several colleges and universities, most recently at the London College of Fashion.

Her work uses different media including photography, film, installation and performance. She has worked on a number of community projects, art residencies and curatorial collaborations, exhibiting her work both in U.K. and abroad.

Her main area of interest and the focus of her current work is women's rights. This refers to the position and means of expression of women, both socially and politically; from identity, power and sexuality to their fight for gender equality.


Carmen’s current research addresses feminist issues, with particular emphasis on violence against women, in an ongoing body of work that explores the themes of power, gender inequality, entrapment, repetition and transformation. 

These issues are still relevant today and her personal interest and experience have motivated her to use her art practice to raise awareness, exploring these with a diversity of media, both in galleries and in the wider community.



  • Level 6: VA6302: Communities, Collaboration and Creative Careers
  • Level 4:  VA4013: Applications and Experimentation (Term-1)
  • Level 4:  VA4024: Applications and Experimentation (Term-2)