Arish Siddiqui

Mr Arish Siddiqui

Programme Leader

Department of Engineering & Computing , School of Architecture, Computing and Engineering

Arish Siddiqui joined as a Lecturer at the School of Architecture, Computing and Engineering at the University of East London in 2001. He received his BSc (Hons) in Computer Science from Aligarh Muslim University, India and his MSc in Technology Management from University of East London, England. He has also received a Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education from the University of East London. 

Areas Of Interest

Project management, e-business, application development, digital forensics, social engineering, ERP systems, online transaction and social security. Arish also has sound knowledge of satellite based communication and location based tracking systems using GPS.

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Securing the Secure: Currently working on different methods and techniques that can be applied for securing the secure data mainly relating to bank cards and digital storage media. The research mainly focuses on the practical aspects of how to manage, store and destroy sensitive data. e.g. Managing and Storing different pins for different bank cards and retrieval of information from the digital storages including new generation of photo and videography equipment.

My Life, My Privacy and My Facebook: This paper focuses on the critical social and ethical security issues related to the online social networking sites. It highlights the key sensitive issues affecting the privacy and security of an individual.


All publications

  • Arish. J. Siddiqui, Hamid Jahankhani, Critical Evaluation and Analysis of .Net and its Impact on the Web services, 4th international multimedia in Business 2003, Poland
  • Arish J Siddiqui, Coupling intelligent knowledge based systems with image systems. Multimedia systems, King Saud University 1999, Saudi Arabia


MSc Information Security and Digital Forensics

Address system vulnerabilities and explore preventative measures, detection and repair. Experience high exposure with industry professionals.

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  • CN0002: Academic Skills in Computing
  • CN1047: Introduction to Computer Networks
  • CN2047: Network Systems and Technologies
  • CN2041: Profession issues in Computing
  • CN3059: Application Workshop
  • CN4101: Information Systems Modelling and Design
  • SD1046: Visual Programming
  • SDM025: Computer Security
  • SDM026: Seizure & Examination of Computer Systems