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Antonio Fidalgo

Senior Lecturer

, School of Psychology


  • PhD Behavioural Neuroscience, Imperial College London
  • PGCert Academic Practice in Higher Education, King's College London

Areas Of Interest

Dr Fidalgo is interested in the impact of health conditions in cognition and wellbeing. Previously his research focused on the impact of inflammation on hippocampal-dependent memory (2007-2011), multisensory integration (2012-2014), and pain (2014-ongoing). He is also interested in the impact that social media has on cognitive processes.

On This Page


Dr Fidalgo is the Programme Leader and the admissions tutor for the Distance-Learning BSc (Hons) programme in Psychology.

A full list of his peer-reviewed publications can be found here.



  • Zoe Z, Halstead L, Fidalgo AR, Dimitriou D (2021). Sleep quality moderates the relationship between pain and depression among individuals with chronic pain. Frontiers in Psychology. DOI: 0.3389/fpsyg.2021.668930
  • Zoe Z, Fidalgo AR, Halstead L, Dimitriou D (2021). Acute impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on sleep and mental health outcomes among individuals with chronic pain. Journal of Health Psychology. DOI: 10.1177/1359105321995962
  • Ravalier J, Fidalgo AR, Russell L, Morton R (2017) Care Worker well-being: the influence of zero-hours contracts -,  Occupational Medicine 67, pp 344-349
  • Williams A, Gallagher E, Fidalgo AR, Bentley PJ (2016), Pain expressiveness and altruistic behavior: an exploration using agent-based modeling -,   Pain 157,  pp 759-768


Dr Fidalgo's  first ever international research experience was as an undergraduate student on a funded William C. Dement Apprenticeship at Brown University.

Since then his research has been funded by fellowships from Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (€61,991) and, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (¥2,835,500); small grants by the British Academy (£9,753) and, Richard Benjamin Trust (£8,261) and; travel grants from FENS-IBRO/PERC, the British Psychological Society, RWTH Aachen, the Westminster Medical School, as well as several departmental travel awards.


  • Marking and moderation of coursework and assignments;
  • Programme Leader for the Psychology by Distance-Learning BSc (Hons) degree;
  • Admissions Tutor for the Psychology by Distance-Learning BSc (Hons) degree.


  • Lecturer on Researching with Small Samples (PY4005): Researching with Larger Samples (PY4006); The Psychology of Mental Health Difficulties in Adulthood (PY5015); Psychology of Choice (PY6011), and; Psychology of Belief (PUY6013); 
  • Module leader for Psychology in Applied Contexts  (PY4004).