Andrea Giraldez Hayes

Dr Andrea Giraldez-Hayes

Senior Lecturer

Clinical Director, Wellbeing and Psychological Services Clinic

Department of Professional Psychology , School of Psychology

Andrea is Clinical Director for the Wellbeing and Psychological Services Clinic and co-programme leader for the PhD in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology and the PgCert in Coaching Psychology Supervision. She has expertise in arts and wellbeing, coaching psychology and positive education.

Areas Of Interest

  • Arts and wellbeing – Positive Arts
  • Arts and creativity in coaching psychology
  • The boundaries between coaching and counselling
  • Coaching in education
  • Positive education
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Dr Andrea Giraldez-Hayes is an experienced and renowned coaching psychologist, consultant and academic. With a background in music and arts, she has worked as a university lecturer and consultant for Departments of Education and Culture in Spain, Italy, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Panama, Peru, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay and Argentina. She has also overseen the Arts, Culture and Citizenship Programme for the Ibero American Organisation for Education, Science and Culture (OEI) between 2007 and 2017.

For the last ten years, and after a career change, she has worked in coaching psychology and positive psychology, with a particular interest in the arts and wellbeing, the boundaries between coaching and therapy, education and the use of art and creative approaches in coaching psychology. Andrea has researched, published, and lectured on these topics at national and international universities, and since 2018 at UEL.

She is currently co-editor of Philosophy of Coaching, associate editor for Coaching: An International Journal of Theory, Research and Practice and International Coaching Psychology Review, and member of the advisory board for the International Journal of Coaching Psychology. She is also an active member of the Division of Coaching Psychology Committee and chair of the Coaching Psychology Partnership and Accreditation Committee at the British Psychological Society, and assessor for the EMCC International Accreditations Committee.

Always committed to social causes, Andrea has worked as a volunteer coach for Parent Gym and UpRising and currently collaborates with Lon-Art, the Humanitarian Coaching Network and the Waterloo Community Centre.




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Keynotes and conference presentations

  • EMCC Global Provider Summit. 2021. Creativity in the consulting room. Navigating practitioner 'stuckness' via supervision and strengths. [Co-presented with Max Eames]. Online.
  • 3rd Positive Psychology in Practice Conference. 2021. Positive psychology coaching 
  • in times of crisis. Online. 
  • II Encuentro Internacional Docentes EM. 2021. Listen, play and create. Music practices and psychological wellbeing. Cuenca, Spain.
  • 7th IPPA World Congress. 2021. UEL MAPPCP. History and Integrations. Invited Symposium: Coaching. Canada (Online).
  • 11th International Congress of Coaching Psychology, 2021. Arts-based coaching psychology: creative approaches to deepen conversations and promote wellbeing. London, UK.
  • V Foro de Educación. Faro de Vigo. 2021. Change the school one conversation at the time: coaching as a strategy. Vigo, Spain.
  • IV Encuentro Iberoamericano de Educación Artística y Buenas Practicas. 2021. To be and be together through arts. Quito, Ecuador. 
  • EMCC 26th Annual Global Mentoring, Coaching and Supervision Conference. 2020. How does supervision fit in reflective practice in coaching? Paris, France. 
  • OEI – Movimiento Fibra – Annual Conference. Arts ad positive psychology interventions. Chile.
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  • 6th IPPA World Congress. 2019. Using goal mapping to encourage reflective practice and increase wellbeing. An experience with pre-service teachers in Ghana. Melbourne, Australia. 
  • European Conference on Educational Research. 'Education in an Era of Risk – the Role of Educational Research for the Future'. 2019. Music as a vehicle for social and civic education: An intergenerational service-learning project [Co-presented with R. Soliveres, J. L. Parejo & M. Corton]. Hamburg, Germany.


  • Coaching Psychology
  • Coaching Psychology Supervision
  • Arts and Creativity in Positive Psychology and Coaching
  • Positive Education
  • Positive Psychology Coaching