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Dr Amrutha Chilumuri



Department of Bioscience , School of Health, Sport and Bioscience

Amrutha Chilumuri is a lecturer in Infection and Immunity in the School of Health, Sport and Bioscience. Dr Chilumuri's research interests are in neuroscience.

Areas Of Interest

  • Neuroscience
  • Amyloid β in Alzheimer's disease (AD)
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Dr Chilumuri's research interests are in neuroscience.
Amyloid β (Aβ) is the major component of the senile plaques in Alzheimer's disease (AD). The mechanism underlying cell death in AD includes oxidative stress, apoptosis, impaired mitochondrial function and receptor mediated effects. Compounds that specifically bind to Aβ are neuroprotective. The overexpression of genes such as catalase and KiSS-1 result in the production of proteins that bind to Aβ. The interaction of these proteins with Aβ was found to be protective against Aβ mediated toxicity in SH-SY5Y neuroblastoma cells. The neuroprotective protein sequence could be used to design peptides that can bind Aβ, which could be of therapeutic use in designing drugs for treating AD.


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  • Cellular Pathology/ Haematology