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Dr Amin Karami

Senior Lecturer

Department of Engineering & Computing , School of Architecture Computing and Engineering (ACE)

Dr Amin Karami is the programme leader for MSc Big Data Technologies and the chair of PhD reviews at UEL. He is currently working and researching on Big Data Analytics, Internet-of-Things (IoT), and Cyber Security for industrial and commercial systems.

Areas Of Interest

  • Big Data Analytics
  • Computational Intelligence (CI) concepts and methodologies
  • Machine Learning
  • Fuzzy Control Systems
  • Optimization
  • Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS)
  • Anomaly Detection
  • Nature-Inspired and Bio-Inspired Cyber defence
  • Security for Internet-of-Things (IoT)
  • Security for Next-Generation Internet
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Dr Amin Karami has been extensively working on Big Data Technologies, Computational Intelligence, and Optimization. He is the programme leader for MSc Big Data Technologies and the chair of PhD reviews at UEL.

Dr Karami received his MSc degree in the Informatics field from the University of Skövde, Sweden in 2011. He also completed a PhD degree in the Computer Architecture Department at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya Barcelona Tech (UPC), Spain in February 2015. Throughout his career, he's carried out several international research collaborations, several funds and grants, and several invited talks and presentations.

External roles:

ISI Reviewer, Program Committee Member in International conferences, a member and chair of PhD annual reviews, Member of editorial board in IJAAIML journal.


Dr Karami is currently working and researching on Big Data Technologies and Analytics, Internet-of-Things (IoT) and Computational Intelligence (CI). He is looking for MSc and PhD students to join him. If you are interested, please send me your CV or research ideas by email.

Recent research:

  • Computational Intelligence and Learning disciplines and concepts, e.g., Machine Learning, Data Mining, Swarm Intelligence, Fuzzy Logic, Evolutionary Computation, and Meta-heuristic Optimization
  • Big Data Analytics: Streaming and large-scale data
  • Computer Networks and Communications, Named Data Networking (NDN), Network Security, Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS)


  • MSc Big Data Analytics
  • MSc Machine Learning on Big Data
  • Application Development for Business
  • Data Structure and Algorithms
  • Big Data Infrastructure
  • Project supervisions
  • PhD supervisions and courses