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Dr Aloysius Edoh

Senior Lecturer

Senior Computer Science/Electrical Engineering Lecturer

Department of Engineering & Computing , School of Architecture Computing and Engineering

Dr Aloysius Adotey Edoh Jnr holds a PhD in computational modelling and information systems.  He handles data analytics in medical information and predictive algorithms.

Areas Of Interest

His research interest include Information System design/ modelling; Business Processes and Enterprise Architecture, Software development using Agile embedded Methodology, Cloud Computing Networks design and simulation; System Integration and Operating System development; distributed systems; development of risk prediction tool for medical application. Predictive models and data analytics. and health informatics
AGILE - Scrum Project Management Certificate; London

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Dr Aloysius Adotey Edoh Jnr. PhD, MPhil (CS), MSc (IT), BSc (Eng), PGCertHE, MBCS, MIEEE, MIET, FHEA;

Dr Edoh has experience in computational modelling, predictive analytics, software reliability as well as performance analysis of distributed computer systems.

His research areas include modelling large complex real time computer systems, DSS predictive algorithms and data re-representation techniques in medical application and Agile Embedded Systems Development. He is a visiting lecturer to Universities in Germany, China, Ghana, Greece and USA;


Dr. Aloysius Edoh PhD, MPhil (CS), MSc (IT), BSc (Eng), PGCertHE, received BSc Hons degree in Electrical/Electronic Engineering at the Belarussian State Technical University and had an Associate Degree in Electronic and Telecommunication in London (UK).

Dr Edoh was awarded MSc in Information Technology (IT) at UEL, after conducting research on Middleware Technology with Dr Richard Anthony his supervisor. He continued his studies at City University, London, UK where he was awarded Master of Philosophy (MPhil) in Computer Science. Whiles at City University, he taught Database, Software Development using UML and Business Information System (BIS) as tutorial lecturer. Aloysius studied briefly at University College London (UCL) Health Informatics Department, before he was appointed a full time lecturer at UEL. Aloysius continued his research and was awarded PhD in Computing and Technology.

Before moving into academia, Aloysius worked as an Electrical/Electronic Engineer at Ghana Railway and became the Chief Mechanical/ Electrical Engineer, where he managed many International projects to the sum of over 50 million Dollars from World Banks among others. He then worked as a Railway Computer consultant at Crown Agents Company Ltd, Sutton UK and later as a Project Engineer/ Research Analyst with the Holdtrade Trading International, London, UK. Dr Aloysius Edoh is a senior lecturer at the School of Architecture, Computing and Engineering (ACE) and a member of the Distributed Systems and Software Engineering Research Group.
Dr Edoh is a member of British Computer Society (BCS), Follow of the Higher Educational Academy (FHEA) and member of the Institute of Electrical/Electronic Engineer MIEE (aka IET) in UK. Aloysius has developed many Engineering and Computer Science modules and participated on the development of many programmes, which are taught in UK and many counties. Dr Edoh is a visiting lecturer to Kaserlutem Applied Technical University in Germany, Institutions in China, Greece, Ghana and OPNET academic team in USA.

External Roles

Dr Aloysius Edoh is the programme leader for BSc (Hons) Computing, where he manages the progression and the activities of students doing BSc (Hons) Computing and BSc Information Technology. He is a recruitment academic officer, who has travelled to Kenya, Nigeria and Ghana for academic and recruitment purposes. Aloysius has been a member of the School Quality Committee for many year and he is currently a member of School collaboration committee.

Dr Edoh is an Academic Advisor and the link tutor for overseas partner Institutions, which includes Kazan State University, Greece and Ghana Institutions. Aloysius was the Erasmus coordinator for UEL and the Health Informatics Department of Amsterdam University, Holland. He is an external examiner for the MEng degree at Kaserlutem Applied Science and Engineering University, Germany.

He is a member of the BCS Health and Agile groups. Aloysius is also a member of the IET, Railway, and computer technology and Health groups. Oracle middleware and database group and OPNET academic research group.


Aloysius research interest include Data Re-representation techniques, risk predictive analytics for clinical decision support systems, which was introduced to him by his UCL lecturer Dr Paul Taylor of the Health Informatics Department. His PhD thesis, which is based on this concept proved that most of current Internet based heart pressure predictive systems (CVD) give erroneous values because incorrect predictive algorithms are used by the epidemiologists. (See e-book)

At City University, Aloysius developed intelligent software agent based computational model for e-commence operation. He used in idea being to combine a variety of 'risk equations' developed by epidemiologists into an overall measure. Dr Edoh has published many papers and ebooks documents; He has published in journals and conferences papers such as IEEE conference and Springer. Again, he is member of program committee of international conferences, for example the Security at Thessaloniki.

Dr Edoh was one of the main researcher on the team that worked on the £50,000 Diagnostic Feedback tool for Virtual Learning Environment Higher Education Funded by the Council for England (HEFCE) E-Learning Fund.
Aloysius is a member of the BCS AGILE group and has a Scrum Agile Project Management Certificate; London.


  • Edoh, A, Sobh, T., & Elleithy, K. (2006). Combinatorial Multi-attribute Auction (CMOA) Framework for e-auction. In Advances in Systems, Computing Sciences and Software Engineering (pp. 387-395). Springer Netherlands.
  • Imafidon C, Kans A, Edoh A, Optimisation of clinical information system using CMAUT , submitted to the Third IEEE International Conference on Digital Information Management (ICDIM 2008) November 13-16, 2008 London UK
  • Imafidon C, Kans A, Edoh A, Human organ re-representation using UML and CMAUT In Advances in Computing and Technology (AC & T) Conference - January 2009
  • Imafidon C, Kans A, Edoh A, Framework for optimising clinical information system In Advances in Computing and Technology (AC & T) Conference - January 2010
  • Edoh, Aloysius. (2013) A Novel CMAUT-UML Framework for the Optimisation of Clinical Information System (CIS) and Prediction of CVD Percentage Risk -
  • Nwobodo, I., Jahankhani, H., & Edoh, A. (2014). Security challenges in the distributed cloud computing. International Journal of Electronic Security and Digital Forensics, 6(1), 38-51;
  • Edoh, A., & Edoh, D. (E-book 2005). Framework for analysing and solving medical problems in developing countries using Matlab/Simulink (The Ghana case study). In Proceedings of International Conference on Advances in Information and Communication Engineering (1990). (p. 165). AICE Foundation.


Aloysius's teaching expertise include Software modelling and development using UML and Rational Rose, Database Design and Management, Operating Systems: UNIX, Windows Programming, Computer Networks design and management; Network analysis using OPNET simulation packages. Data analytics using SPSS and Business statistical tools; Data re-representation for DSS in medical application; Software development using Agile Methodology and Enterprise Architecture.

Postgraduate Teaching
Aloysius has supervised over 200 MSc students to completion in the areas of Business Information Systems (BIS), Computer Network, Computer System Engineering (CSE) students over his 10 years of being in academics

PhD supervision
He is currently supervising 6 Master of Philosophy (MPhil) and PhD students;


  • CN1044 Introduction to Computer Systems; CN3044 Network Programming
  • CN2053 Operating System; CN3057 Distributed System
  • CNM009 System Integration; IM1045 Information System
  • IM2042 IT Planning and Infrastructure System; IM2043 Information System Modelling
  • IM3056 Management and Information System; CN7005 Project Management
  • IMM006 Rapid Application Development - Software System modelling and Development
  • EEM 113 Data Communication and Computer Networking for Electrical Engineering students
  • EEM116 Design of Heterogeneous Software System for Electrical Engineering students
  • EE2304 Operating System and low level programming