Aidan Kelly

Dr Aidan Kelly

Senior Lecturer

Integrated Marketing Communications, Digital Marketing, Marketing Work Placement,

Department of Business , Royal Docks School of Business and Law

Aidan is a Senior Lecturer in Marketing at the Royal Docks School of Business and Law. He is the current Course Leader of the BSc Marketing and BA Business Management (Marketing) and leads modules in Integrated Marketing Communications, Digital Marketing, Marketing Work Placement, Business Research Methods, Cultural Marketing and Marketing Planning. His current research interests are in the areas of advertising theory, consumer research and cultural branding.

Areas Of Interest

Advertising theory, consumer research and brand management, advertising account planning in the digital age.

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Aidan joined University of East London on July 20th 2009. He holds a B.Sc. in Marketing Management and Ph.D. in Advertising and Promotion Management. He is the current Course Leader of the B.Sc. Marketing and the B.A. Business Management (Marketing) programmes, the latter of which has achieved overall student satisfaction on the National Student Survey of 93.2% (2017), 85% (2018) and 94.75% (2019).

He teaches in the areas of Integrated Marketing Communications, Digital Marketing, Cultural Marketing, Business Research Methods and Marketing Planning. He has validated three programmes in his time at Royal Docks School of Business and Law, BSc Marketing and MSc Brand Management (now deleted). His research interests are presently in the areas of consumer collecting, cultural branding, advertising account planning and polysemic interpretations of online advertising, his current methodological focus is on the application of grounded theory to marketing and consumption-related phenomena.


I am currently a reviewer for Journal of Marketing Management, Marketing Theory and Arts and the Market (where I was awarded as "2018 Outstanding Reviewer"). I also serve on the Editorial Advisory Panel for the bestselling textbook "Business Research Methods" (Fifth Edition), authored by Emma Bell, Alan Bryman and Bill Harley (2019, Oxford University Press). I have served as an external panel member for programme validations at Northumbria University and University of Greenwich, and I was External Examiner for the M.B.A. programme at Henley Business School, University of Reading from 2012 - 2016.

I have also validated academic programmes externally for University of East London, with collaborative international partners in Greece (AKMI Metropolitan College) and Egypt (Ain Shams University).


Aidan's research interests are in the areas of consumer research, branding and advertising theory. His most recent project explores consumer collecting practices in the context of vinyl record collections (with Dr Henrik Linden of the Institute of Hospitality and Tourism, University of East London). He is also researching projects in the areas of advertising account planning, cultural branding and polysemic interpretations of online advertising. 

He was Co-Chair of the School Research Ethics Committee at Royal Docks School of Business and Law from 2015 - 2018 and also served on the University Research Ethics Committee during this time.



Peer-reviewed journal publications

  • Heller, Michael. and Kelly, Aidan. (2015) 'Throwaway history: Brand ephemera and consumer culture', Journal of Macromarketing, 35(3), pp. 397–406.
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Book chapters

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Book reviews

  • Kelly, Aidan. (2013) 'Book Review: Ernest Dichter and motivation research: New perspectives on the making of post-war consumer culture by Schwarzkopf, S. and Gries, R. (eds.)', Journal of Euromarketing, 22(1-4), pp. 86-89.
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Selected conference proceedings

  • Bakeberg, Bastian. and Kelly, Aidan. (2012) 'Value creation practices of brand communities in computer mediated environments: lessons for nonprofit organisations', in proceedings of the 11th International Colloquium on Nonprofit, Social, Arts and Heritage Marketing, London Metropolitan University, September 19 2012, pp. 5-7.
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  • Kelly, Aidan. (2002) 'The ideology of the advertising process: An exploration of the generation and creation of advertising meanings and values', in Tynan, A.C., Ennew, C.T., Winklhofer, H, O’Malley, L, McKechnie, S, Mitussis, D, Patterson, M and Liao, M-N (eds.), Proceedings of the Academy of Marketing Annual ConferenceNottingham University Business School, United Kingdom, July 2- July 5.       


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  • MK5009 - Integrated Marketing Communications 
  • HR6004 - The Business Professional (Marketing stream) 
  • MK5004 - Digital Marketing 
  • MK5006 - Marketing Work Placement
  • MK6009 - Cultural Marketing
  • MK7227 - Postgraduate Dissertation

I teach research methods at postgraduate level and I supervise academic projects at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.