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Abdulrazaq Abba

Lecturer in Computer Science & Digital Technologies

, School of Architecture Computing and Engineering

Areas Of Interest

Although my research is in the broad area of computing, exploring the potential power of computing, following curiosity, but currently focusing on three directions:

  • Software Security Engineering
  • Intelligent Systems (including Serious Games)
  • Interdisciplinary research
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I am passionate about the power of computing, and currently a lecturer in the Department of Computer Science and Digital Technology (CDT), where we use experimental approaches to investigate better ways to utilise the potentials of computing. It is really interesting to teach computing in this era, where computing is leading the world in various directions. I am happy to say that UEL is a nice place, with nice campuses and diverse academics passionate about their work.


My research interest is in the broad area of computing; currently, my research focuses on three directions: software security engineering, intelligent systems and interdisciplinary.

  • Software Security Engineering - investigating better techniques for improving software security towards developing trustworthy software systems; both internally (software engineering) and externally (cyber security); including the psychology of the people around these systems, understanding their minds, motivations, rationale. Our researches in this area covers every aspect of software development: problem formulation, requirements analysis, development, verification, testing, migration, legacy systems, retirements, etc.
  • Intelligent Systems (including Serious Games) - investigating the concept of intelligent behaviour toward developing intelligent systems that interact, learn, adapt and assist users, physically, cognitively and socially. While in Serious Games, we investigate the potentials of games for advancing human creativity to make learning easier, fun and engaging across various disciplines: education, health, social policy, defence, science, and so on. This research combines various field reasoning, decision supports, pattern recognition, strategies, and actions.
  • Interdisciplinary - to leverage the power of computing to support other disciplines, considering the high potentials of computing in empowering other disciplines. This is an open-ended research work for collaborating with other disciplines. I am open to other interesting research areas, particularly the grand challenges in programming and computer security. If you are interested in any of these relevant researches, contact me for research collaboration, both academic and industry. I will be happy to discuss your research ideas or proposals. Also, I have vacancies for accepting PhD applications from good candidates; get in touch. We will be happy to discuss, refine, and develop your ideas into PhD research. My email:

Research Groups

  • Intelligent Technologies Research Group
  • Research Enhanced Learning and Teaching Research Group
  • Smart City Research Group


An updated list of publication is available either in Google Scholar or DBLP.


  • Software Development (BSc)
  • Advanced Programming (BSc)
  • Data Structure and Algorithms (BSc)
  • Advanced Topics in Computer Science (BSc)
  • Advanced Software Engineering (MSc)
  • Computer Security (MSc)
  • Digital Forensics (MSc)