15 March 2022

Hosted by Royal Docks School of Business and Law (RDSBL) Reader in Law, Iwa Salami, the University of East London's new Centre of Fintech hosted its first roundtable event to discuss Fintech and Fraud.

The session covered insightful questions answered by industry professionals Colin LeMahieu (Director of Nano) and Nigel Cannings (CTO at Intelligent Voice).

Attendees were able to interact with the event by asking questions that were answered by the industry professionals at the end of the event.

Iwa Salami, Reader in Law at RDSBL commented, "The first Centre of FinTech roundtable event on 'FinTech and Fraud' was such a huge success and I thoroughly enjoyed hosting it. It was very well-received and the feedback from attendees further highlights the relevance of a Centre like ours - which brings together expertise and professionals across the FinTech space discussing the finance, technology, legal and regulatory dimensions of FinTech.

"The panelists answered questions on fraud in financial services and fraud in the crypto-asset space (amongst others) and considered the extent to which law, technology and education can assist in tackling these fraudulent activities."

Watch the roundtable here.

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