23 September 2021

A University of East London (UEL) academic has secured funding to investigate how artificial intelligence can be deployed to explore personal development in the workplace.

Dr Mohammad Hossein Amirhosseini, a lecturer in Computer Science and Digital Technologies, aims to use pioneering disruptive technology to unlock an individual’s full potential.

Now his ideas have been successful in a Smart Grants competition, and he and his partners have received £100,000 from the government-backed Innovate UK. 

Dr Amirhosseini will work as academic partner and chief consultant with Whyness, a company which focuses on business and domestic software, as well as research and experimental development on social sciences and humanities. 

The title of his project is "Automation of Neuro-Linguistic Programming methods using Artificial Intelligence to interpret unconscious thoughts and values for personal development". 

Dr Amirhosseini said: "This project is motivated by the opportunity for emerging technology to unlock new levels of workplace fulfilment and human potential, expanding services that are currently limited to human interactions. 

"Our pioneering AI-driven platform will disrupt the way personal development is provided to individuals, unlocking benefits of proven neuroscientific practices to a wider audience. Employers will be able to provide reliable, affordable, personalised behavioural development tools to employees at different stages of their careers. 

Unlocking potential

"Our innovation involves developing and integrating multiple AI models to identify personal values and purpose. We aim to digitise Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) methods to help users become more self-aware by interpreting unconscious thoughts and behaviours,"

Dr Mohammad Hossein Amirhosseini, UEL lecturer in Computer Science and Digital Technologies, said.

NLP is founded on the notion that there is a strong link between automatic thought processes, language and behaviour and these can be changed to alter an individual's habitual behaviours and outlook.

Dr Amirhosseini added: "This project builds on the latest R&D in AI, neuroscience and personal development, including two bespoke AI models developed by myself that automate some core NLP methods.  

"Our collaborative project team has a unique blend of expertise across academia, industry, business and technology. By digitising proven neuroscientific practices and behavioural development tools that harness personal motivations and self-awareness, we will elevate human consciousness, performance and potential."