21 October 2021

Few people make it to an elite level in one sport, let alone two. However, that's exactly what Joshua Ward-Hibbert did, starting as a professional tennis player, before moving on to basketball representing the London Lions and Great Britain in the 3x3. 

Joshua launched onto the tennis scene by recording the fastest serve ever by a junior at Wimbledon at 133mph, as well as winning the 2012 Australian Open junior doubles. 

Then four years later he decided to leave the professional tennis world behind, and you will now find Josh on the basketball court sinking 3-pointers in the British Basketball League (BBL). 

The switch made headlines at the time, but Josh’s passion and natural talent for basketball was there to see, as he was named the under-16s boys’ player of the year by England Basketball in 2010. 

On the East London Sport podcast, Joshua tells us why he chose to quit tennis for basketball, where his love for sport comes from and what he does to relax off the court. 

On choosing to switch, Joshua said, “It was a very difficult decision, as there were so many layers into that [decision], as I struggled during tennis with some injuries and a lot of things that come with it."

“I was always thinking, am I doing this, is this the right decision? It’s impossible to see the future so I try to live life by making the best choices that you can, using the information you have at the time.” 

Joshua also shares some advice for young athletes looking to make it to the top. He said, "Have that goal. Whether it's a short-term goal to make a sports team, getting into a tournament, or a bigger goal like playing for Manchester United or in the NBA. Just make sure that everything you do ensures yours on the right track for that goal."

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