24 June 2020

The University of East London's human resource management (HRM) degree has been successfully accredited by the Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development (CIPD).

The validation by the professional institute ensures that the components of the degree course - BSc (Hons) - are recognised by employers.


I am pleased and proud that the human resource management degree has been accredited by the CIPD. We work very hard to ensure that our course components give students a very real sense of the disciplines and challenges of a true working environment.

"This accreditation acts as a hallmark on this ambition and we can, with confidence, tell our students that what they are learning is relevant and recognised so that when they finally leave us they will find themselves in a superb position to forge a career of their choosing,"

Dr Toyin Adisa, senior lecturer in human resource management at UEL, said.

Professor Mohammad Ali, dean of the Royal Docks School of Business and Law, said, "As part of our 10-year strategic plan - Vision 2028, we have revisited and revised many courses to ensure they best meet the needs of employers and reflect a business landscape that is changing dramatically in the face of evolving technology.

"We are delighted that the human resources management degree in its latest form has met the particular demands of the CIPD and so reflects our ambition for it."

The degree aims to prepare students for a career in the field of people management and covers such areas as how to get the best out of people in a work environment, the ethical and legal obligations of employers and how technology will affect the future of employment.

Students are giving real-world experience - networking with professionals and taking up work placements - and they are given a broad overview of the business world - from marketing to economics - so they can present themselves to prospective employers as rounded candidates.

If you're interested in our human resource management,  take a look at the course.

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