01 July 2020

The world of fashion is constantly changing which makes preparing students for the careers of the future vital. Studying fashion marketing at the University of East London gives you access to industry knowledge and exciting opportunities to take on placements.

For Unai Zapiain, from San Sebastian in Spain, the course provided him with the perfect opportunity to explore new and vibrant cultures in London. 

I perfectly remember my first day. I was intrigued and nervous as everything was new to me. It was amazing to see how diverse and multicultural the fashion group was and it was in that moment I met one of my closest friends.

"The lecturers, apart from delivering classes, are also industry professionals, which is really helpful. They keep up with the industry’s fast pace, helping you develop an insightful view of it. They also guide you to help find the path of your future career, while helping you develop a sensitiveness and awareness necessary for a successful future in fashion.

"You can expect the course to be a nurturing experience for you as a future professional. It also gives you an opportunity to have the academic experience in London while attending different artistic and cultural expositions. But it is up to you to grab the opportunities to evolve, as it is a result of personal work."

     Unai Zapiain, UEL fashion student, said.

The University of East London's fashion and textiles courses were ranked fourth in London in the Guardian University Guide 2018.

Our fashion students have gone on to work in exciting roles such as buyers, assistants to campaign managers, fashion magazine journalists and PR managers during their placements.

Unai continued, "The process to become an industry professional can and should start from the first year; rather than thinking it's something that will develop once the degree is finished. From the first term, you have to nurture yourself about many different things to acquire a broad knowledge. To become a fashion professional, you must to be aware of things that are happening in society, economy and the arts - not just in your own city or country, but also in other cultures across the world."

Charles Egbu, pro vice-chancellor for education and experience, said, "We are a careers-led university and it is vital that our courses contribute to the industry students hope to move into.  Our academic staff have fantastic experience and knowledge to help prepare students for their future careers."

Unai said, "The key of making your first year a success is to start thinking about your next project from the day that the assignment is introduced; as I would say the most complex aspect is to figure out the direction of the project.

"We had to create a look book, based on subcultures from different areas of London, supported by personal research about the area and the subculture. We chose Notting Hill because of its diverse history and the multiculturalism. We had every possible setback, including spending four hours in the rain but we eventually managed to make some nice pictures."

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